(ALERT VIDEO). Fed. Day Is Here. Bond Market Sell Off Worsens! By Gregory Mannarino

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Pooby1000 says:

0:56 I think Greg "Literry" does not understand the meaning of the word "literally".

s404n1tn0cc says:

HAHAHAHAHA " They don't believe their own garbage" That's really telling. That means they don't even believe what they're saying. And are in denial. That's spooky because that means they've capitulated and not control any more. IMO

Mark Mathews says:

thanks Greg I like your little chats

Rob Hodge says:

I feel bad for saying this but….

the one thing I look forward to is your intro because you always shake your head when you say "It's me: Gregory Mannarino. How are you today?"
Always. And I find it amusing.

Keep up the good work.

Ivan Hoe says:

Volatility making a comeback, be careful.

james williams says:

Janet Yellen sounded like a child talking too.

Ivan Hoe says:

There is not enough resistance against the up side, the market may go up.
Do not hold your positions over to the next day.

Philip Leach says:

If the bond chart was an ecg you’d be dead

Ivan Hoe says:

watch the Russel

Jj Hinduja says:

N the shut down is coming soon

Ivan Hoe says:

Don't forget the PPT !!!

Ivan Hoe says:

Wait for "IT" to open it's mouth before you pull the trigger !
You can't Kill "IT" unless you shoot "IT" in the Mouth !!!

Austin G says:

3:20 ?

Larry R says:

I love that mimic imitation. Do it again man.

Gregory Mannarino says:

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I NAILED IT! 25 basis point rate hike.

2TROLL1 says:

They're not watching YOU', They're watching ME' watching you.

Peggy Johnson says:

Lol. That’s funny. The little boy lol

CUI BONO says:

Powell is a ….lawyer …yeah …really

Nikhilesh Parakh says:

I suspect it will be 0.50

Mark Shirley says:

25 point raise and it's 'Ground-Hogs Day' going forward. 50 point raise and THEY are taking us to the wall. Signal to insider top-feeder friends to get out NOW!    My pick? 25 point raise and business as usual whilst continuing to project instability and insecurity to keep the delusion that the market is still running on real fundamentals. And all this to continue building the top-feeding Swamp-Creatures coffers whilst continuing to crater-out the real brick and mortar economy. The sheeple are being slowly slaughtered by a thousand pricks. But are there really that many right at the top?

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