Algo Trading Strategies For Crude Oil, Gold And Mini-S&P (For 2020)

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Algo trading is tough. Really tough. But building successful algo trading strategies is indeed possible. How?

In this video, Champion Trader Kevin Davey gives you code for 3 entriesthat you can use for coding your own algo strategies for
Crude Oil – Daily Bars
Gold – Daily Bars
Mini S&P – 2540 Minutes Bars

Kevin also describes the process he uses on a daily basis to create trading algos (strategies).

By avoiding curve fitting and over optimization – 2 pitfalls aspiring algo traders usually fall victim to – you can learn how to create successful trading systems. This video helps show you how, by presenting 3 algo strategies that have good performance. NOTE: there are other steps you should take to test and verify these strategies, before you begin to trade them.

Kevin Davey has been algo trading futures for over 25 years, and is currently a full time trader. He is a 3 time international futures trading contest trophy winner and the author of 4 best selling trading books.

Kevin can be reached via e-mail at


Nikunj Goswami says:

Nice video on #AlgoTradingStrategies thank you #NikunjGoswami

Mehran Zand says:

dear Kevin,
i started trading 3 years ago and algorithmic trading about a year ago, and during this time i tried a lot but i hadn't any success, but after watching some of your video on youtube i could make two profitable forex strategies in just two weeks, i never thought simple strategies can work this good, thanks a lot.

Fabien Fischer says:

Thanks a lot Kevin for your videos. As always: very interesting, full of information and great content!

jwm0z says:

Nice one Kevin, love your work and bought your book. I am wondering about your opinion on exits or take profits (would love to see a video)? Would you leave the exit as the reverse/short entry or would you try to exit at market extremes? For example, I have a system I designed that seems to be effective and uses static percentage-based take profits, but I am looking at implementing something like a take profit and exit at moving average distance, e.g. close is 10% away from SMA.

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