All Marijuana Penny Stocks Reviewed

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We reviewed all the cannabis companies, and pot penny stocks. We found that the are almost all significantly overpriced, and we expect that the shares are due for a fall,

We looked at the following weed stocks, and marijuana penny shares:


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Yummer7 says:

Well, this is discouraging but yet informative. Thanks Peter. Kisses on that delicious forehead of yours!

Ghost_Bear says:

I have stocks in NDEV, I've already quadrupled my investment….just saying.

Danny Ruel says:

I am a very old Peter Leeds Subscriber from over 10 years ago. You helped me make some money on EGO. Thanks for that. Now that said, please help us understand why NDEV was trading last month at .25 cents and today is trading at 1.05

Kylan Romas says:

I understand that these companies are pretty garbage right now but once cannabis becomes legal (which is inevitable), people will flock. If you can time it right, you definitely can profit. These companies will get swallowed like you said but timing is key here. It is unlikely that I will invest in any of these companies but I will keep a close eye on them.

ElementFreedive says:

This video could Possibly a contrarian indicator now with the MJ bashing getting big…..I think CBIS, HEMP and MJNA are gonna be around for many more years! CBIS looks very ready to double from here.

Percy Sherrod says:

peter are u discouraging ppl from ALL MJ penny stocks?? there are about 80 traded on the US exchanges..u cant believe their ALL gonna do bad in the future..u just cant believe THAT

SeeWaterAnglers says:

I want to join your subscription but I want to know how it works, is there like a weekly or daily penny stock pick ?

CrazyCarCrashes says:


Wayne Martin says:

Thank you for the info, question why not advise on short selling the hell out of these? Just a heads up I am super new to trading but I been paper trading and thank you so much on explaining things out it has given me a lot to look at.

Cheryl Means says:

Thanks; very helpful.

Demetrius Walls says:

Hey Peter you were right. I stocked up on MJ stocks thinking once it became legal in California I would be in a good position. my portfolio dropped 43℅ glad I found you

shalvin prakash says:

Hey Peter great video by the way, I always love when you make these videos on the "marijuana" topic. Since your handing out opinions haha, I would like to know your opinion on this one company based out of my hometown of Edmonton, AB (Canada for those people who don't where Edmonton is lol). I have already gave people my opinions to people on this particular company and told them not to invest (my own opinion again) wether or not I am right or wrong, I just told them that I personally would not put my own money in this stock for the same reason you gave that when they do legalize up here in Canada that the big companies with unlimited capital will wipe them out (they don't care about my opinion just thought I'd mention that). The company is Aurora Cannabis (ACB), and it is currently trading on the "tsx-v" and the "otcqb". They keep reporting about it in my local new; here's the link for that btw I personally think that it is way overvalued and they are relying on the fact that the Trudeau government will legalize marijuana, in fact they said themselves that they are preparing for that exact same scenario. I did some research on the CEO and he is based out of my home town, and he even started in the same career that I am currently in. My issue with this is that he constantly preaches in his press releases for people to invest in his company and that it is a great business to invest in. The fact that they are relying on the simple fact of legalization scares me because it is so speculative, even though there is a strong possibility that it will eventually happen here in Canada. But they are one of 35 companies producing medical marijuana and they are one of the newer ones. So please if you have time, I would love to know your thoughts on this company "Aurora Cannabis" as they would be greatly appreciated as they always are, thanks! Also a side note for one reason why I think they keep showing up on the news is because they are planning to build a big grow facility and they are trying to raise money in the stock price to pay for it (another reason why I wouldn't invest).

Juan Diaz says:

Here's some stock market advice, hold on to this dick and let go of these nutz

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