All Signs Pointing To A Stock Market Crash Far Worse Than 2008

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Hey gang, happy FRIDAY! Not too terribly much going on in the world today, but I’m discussing here briefly how eerily similar our economy is starting to look compared to the 2008 financial crisis and recession. Is “The Great Collapse” starting to look more and more inevitable? This is just another justification of why stacking physical precious metals, and preparing for disaster, are good ideas! I also provide a quick channel update. Thanks for all the ongoing support as always! Be sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button for all of my content.


Vikas Bhatt says:

Hello from india, i like your content but pls also cover crypto market as well

Matt McCracken says:

It's gonna get ugly.

freedom77 says:

just bought a damn mutual fund-never fails-last one i bought was late 2007

Barbara Howse says:

Thursday $380

Trump Hawk says:

It's always funny when people try to predict the stock market. Everyone wants to be a Jesse Livermore from 1923.

TrueGritProductions says:

Nice vid and charts

wayne mcclory says:

What do you think will happen on Monday when President Trump levels additional sanctions on Russia ? I wonder if that when they roll out the new silver Ruble…$

Dan Rom says:

Nothing will happen.

J. A. says:

Nicely done man. Keep up the videos, I like the straight forward style. Do you have any vids on what it means to be a "threeper" or the history of that?

Big Daddy says:

Reading a story? No

Pit Maler says:

Everybody knows that Trump is a big gold-fan. …

Brett Hunter says:

Well done mate!

Centurion Silver says:

Hey brother, what software do you use for screen capture? I need it for future video's. TIA! CS~

Universal Vibes TV says:

Your research is appreciated in keeping us 'woke'. Many people are gonna be blindsided when it all crumbles. Caught metaphorically with their pants down.

Centurion Silver says:

Have a great weekend STP! CS~

You Can Do It says:

Thanks for sharing that👍

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