All Stock Traders Must Have This Trait

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As a new or aspiring trader, if you aren’t seeing progress then take a look at what you’re lacking.

Studying everyday, making watchlists, and cutting losses quickly are all part of the routine you should have.

Becoming a successful trader isn’t rocket science.*

However, certain traits can help you along the way. And there’s one specific trait that everyone must have …

This trait doesn’t just help gain success as a trader; it helps gain success in most aspects of life. What is this trait? Discipline.

Whether you love Krispy Kreme donuts as much as I do and have to stop yourself from eating a whole box, or if you’re a gym junkie like Tim Bohen and work hard every day to stay physically fit, discipline drives both scenarios.

While Tim Bohen and I very different, discipline helps us both in our daily lives as traders. It drives your daily routine, motivation, and progress. If you’re serious, it can make all the difference for you too.

Let me know: How many Krispy Kreme donuts are too much? How has discipline paid off for you in your life? Leave a comment below!


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Leinani says:

I'd eat a half of a crispy cream????….moderation…
I love to workout, I feel awesome after….Be well Tim Sykes..
#discipline is very necessary!!

L. Jermaine Russell says:

Zero!!!! Well being (mental, physical, spiritual) will influence the financial health. Both of you are on different side of health but on the same side of trading success. But no donuts Tim S!! Get a parfait instead

Sickler-Power says:

I am a fatso, I love Krispy Kream, 3…don't judge me.

glenn baker says:

Tim, when you’re 60 you will focus more on taking care of your body ?

Jason Cole says:

2018 was a very good year for me i, i made good profits ,all thanks to Mr mike harry for his assistance towards the trading community

Alex Victor says:

4ish. Im dying happy

Ricrdo Mnzo says:

0 Krispy Kreme donuts (daily) but if it was every couple of month, the amount wouldn't matter imo.. Personal well being is definitely important to maximize your success.. (lol sykes just flipped me off ? )

Amy Early says:

2 Krispy Kreams once a week is Great straight from the shop. So fresh.

Robin Reich says:

I agree with Tim. The other Tim does not really get it. So I'm Team Tim.

Richard Hartman says:

4 doughnuts while studying. Discipline is key, but you need to reward yourself for hitting the books.

Frank Danna says:

I agree with Bohen. Discipline makes you a better trader. Sure, you can be good, but fitness makes you better at everything.

James Scott says:

Sorry Tim it's 0 lol you don't wanna spend all that money on insulin ?

Deontia Andrews says:


Jag Heter says:

20 donuts are key, AND physical health. Who is to say that you cannot have both? 😀

Dean O'Connor says:

In the end I think Tim's point is about being healthy … healthy body = healthy mind. And Mr Sykes .. you talk about the importance of routine and again I think this is Tim's point … its very draining … studying, practicing trades (paper or real) etc etc .. and when you are working through failure, being healthy helps with managing the stress .. p.s one donut followed by a glass of scotch to dull the pain 🙂

johann trader135 says:

How rude is tim lol bohen answers and sykes just gets his phone out lol

kcptsent says:

You can eat them as much as you can, as long as you have psychic and physical control over yourself and them. 🙂

Kristofer Saly says:

You guys…. MODERATION!

Chris Steimel says:

Tim is the Barry Goldberg of finance.

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

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