All You Need to Know About the Brexit – Chief Chats with the FX Chief

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Welcome traders, to this week’s #ChiefChat. Are you up to speed with the Brexit decision? If not, it’s time to learn!

“This major decision could remove Britain from the European Union and seriously alter currency values across the board. This is approaching quickly and many of my students are concerned, so, I want to share my thoughts and explain how it could seriously affect GBP pairs!” FX Chief™

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Joshuet Ortega Villegas says:

very well said chief, thanks.
good to be a student at mti

sal nuno says:

chief, when is this announcement going be given

Jennifer Dean says:

thanks Chief

London Living says:

Excellent. Looking forward to it. Thanks Chief.

Kerrie Dunham says:

Very helpful Chief Thank You

Peter Cook says:

Thanks Chief! Like, what I could see,of your new office.
Thank you for Continuing to help us flourish and prosper!

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