An 18 Year Old Made Over $300,000 Trading Stocks? Can I trade? | Investing Education!

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Follow my progress as I dive head first into investing, while trying not to lose it all!!

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Please note I am not a market professional. I am not responsible for any trading losses that may be experienced by following my wayward lead, in fact I recommend you don’t follow my lead. 🙂 Have fun and happy trading.


Aswin Alapati says:

new to robinhood. I have a question. How can I transfer funds from my robinhood account to my bank account. Do I need to wait for few days before my cash becomes available for transfer?

Dustin Moore says:

Also, if you made a video about Leveraged ETF's that would be awesome :). Thanks!

Dustin Moore says:

I recently found and subscribed to your channel. I am devouring the content. I'm using your advise and am growing my Robinhood account quite nicely! Thank you for all of the awesome vids!

Allen Choi says:

Do you have to file taxes for trading stocks? If so, how and can you explain?

Alex montes Jr says:


Leo Navarrete says:

So day trading is the key?

Kevin Calabrese says:

im 18 and i invest

Caleb Simmons says:

hi I have a video idea but first let me tell you some background. I'm in my twenties and started investing this year your videos and other research has been great for education in strategy's. I find myself doing a more long term investing but I come across a problem when a stock hits let's say previous peaks i know the stock will grow over time but should I sell BC me or you can't predict the market but it seems when it hits previous peaks it pulls back. should I sell at peaks or hold until it breaks the peak. I'm talking blue chips obviously. long time viewer thanks for the videos doing great work

day trader101 says:

I Just turned 17 been trading/swing trading for a year I am up over 100%+ I am go to start day trading full time in a few months! If anyone wants to ask me something or talk let me know!

CodeX373 says:

You can have your parents sign up for you. If they trust you they can let you control the whole thing. Fidelity and the big brokerages have custodial accounts that would be under ur name but on robinhood u just need to have them sign up under their own name.

Jason Reed says:

16 I just put everything in my dads name

The God Emperor says:

How much money did that 18 year old start with? :O

Wei Wu says:

Another nice video! Keep carrying on. Btw I have a question about ford dividend, its 20th and if i sell my ford shares today, do I still receive the dividend? Can you please in the future make a video explain how dividend work, I know you have already done one, but maybe explain more about what’s ex/eff date, declaration date and record date? Can you use a specific stock as an example? (Such as ford). Thank you!

Min Young Kim says:

Cramer talked about ptla on mad money today, he says buy on weakness and because it's leading drug byvixxa got recently approved, if the pending other 2 drugs are rejected, shares won't nose dive because it has a source of income

Sounds good to me, gonna buy on market weakness

Mitchel1025 says:

If you are 16 you should just save money so you have money to invest when you turn 18

Jacob App says:

You can start investing when your in your teens if you open a custodial account using something like etrade or Charles Schwab

Kevin Rana says:

I like the videos, keep up the good work

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