An Easy Options Strategy that Crushed The Market

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Expressions Productions says:

So when you close the first month, you’re cost will be the commissions- gross profit of $550 correct?

Chris Baker says:

I don't understand why the focus is on gains as return on capital instead of on making the most profit? e.g. the video mentioned not using an additional $4500 for the third month and instead closing out the 1st trade early.

aaa2782 says:

70 days sounds like a lottery play I have a better intraday edge

Juan says:

Does anyone know why the strategy needs to be started only on the 10th of every month? I guess they calculated that 7 weeks maximizes probability and the 10th is when you can buy the options with 7 weeks maturity, anyone knows for sure?

Tom Jones says:

Video starts at 3:10

David Kamnitzer says:

Thank you … Do you have a simple great option strategy for times the index is BELOW the 200 MA …. or do you prefer to go to something like e-mini futures when the 50 day EMA crosses below the 200 SMA ???

42nd Street Creative says:

Thank you SMB and Seth, these videos are by far the best options videos I have found on YouTube. You are clear, concise and to the point, not to mention the wealth of knowledge that you share!

Daryl Fulford says:

Would you not execute a Call Credit Spread if the 200 DMA is above the SPX?

tom nicholas American historian says:

hello. i 've watched several of your videos …great work………..

multiscan8 says:

Initially It was my understanding the SPX had to above the 200 MA( 6:05), but at around the 11:40 mark, you made it sound like the short strike had to be at or above the 200 MA? Also, why not 5 or 10 point wide spreads. doing five 10 point spreads, over 12 expirations, would produce almost another month's income…

Aaron Ly says:

Do you sell call spread at 10 delta when the market is below 200 moving average?

soheil Sadqian says:

can we get out of the trade whenever we want(( before we are down twice we got paid for premium))?

Ian Buell says:

I like it! It's simple. Questions – How did you choose the places to sell and buy your puts? Do you only do this on indexes, or do you do it on individual stocks? Do you sort through to find those with higher IV rankings, or would that decrease the win ratio (too volatile, could fall below the moving average at any time). Thank you for making this video! I watched one or two others and have now subscribed.

Smarter than you Fo sho says:

Seems like a good strategy. Scary to think what would happen in a massive overnight drop. I find simply selling weekly puts to be the easiest options strategy. I sell weekly puts on cheap stocks. Friday I sold 37 contracts on Fitbit. Took in 11 bucks a contract. No protection, no buying a put below for safety. I just monitor the stock and will buy back the option if it goes against me. I can handle getting put to stock with a cheap stock but would lose my house messing with the spx.

Igor Matijevic says:

Strategy 9:33

russzee says:

May I suggest that you provide a link that explains the basics instead of going over it in every video.

ed gillis says:

Wise to tie up 10K in capital for 70 days at only 510 profit monthly?

John Gutierrez says:

Since the SPX has weekly strikes, would it make sense to sell a 70 day put spread every monday and diversify your positions a bit as long as the spx is above the 200 da moving average?

Wilks Music says:

wow an actual concrete strategy. I've gotten used to clickbait

Luis Francis says:

Seth, thanks a bunch for the great videos on options, much appreciated! So, just to be clear it's the 200 DMA, not the SMA? Also how long does it have to have been above it, before entering, and lastly are we holding to expiry, isn't there risk of assignment at that point?

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