An Introduction to Trading Futures

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Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista answer questions dealing with trading futures contracts. They discuss the benefits of using futures and comparable options strategies when trading futures isn’t an option for a smaller account.

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Nick Foxer says:

He said "In the Russel, it's a dollar a point" then the subsequent slide says it's "$100/point" ….

Jazen Valencia says:

6:0711:30 the silver story. skip it if you want but it's funny though.

KeninBoulder says:

Yeah but you guys started talking about the Notional Value with out telling us what it represents and why we need to find it. I thought this was awesome right up to when you started talking about the Notional Value.

Shadow Trader says:

Nice introduction to futures 🙂 I have been trading for the last 10years and been in of love of them ever since!

JP Smith says:

"futures on their own, it's impossible to be successful. Combined with the rest of your portfolio, it's a monster entity" ….That does not make sense. If they lost you money on their own, they would also lose you money on your portfolio—assuming same trades performed.

Zaid Chalabi says:

i day trade stocks very successfully.
trying to expand to futures and options as well
anyone knows a good source to learn futures and decent chatroom that trades live with members just to learn for starters

L4ucky says:

hey guys, great intro video! can you please clarify those spots:
14:52 "on their own, they is a 97% chance you're going out of business" talking about ETFs
15:10 "on their own it is virtually impossible to trade futures and be successful"

Stan Jinjiev says:

I think it's interesting until he starts telling his silver story, which is out of context.Get to point

Leggo My Ego says:

You forgot to do an introduction to trading futures.

Darrell Webster says:

The greatest upside using Futures over Options is the no time decay. Trading is a tough profession, the instrument used to practise your chosen profession should contain the lest obstacles to success and time decay in options is an obstacle to success.


do the nasdaq 100 emini's futures move exactly like the nasdaq 100 index? or are they calculated based on supply and demand? the march contract seems to move nearly identical to the stock index.

Berluskaiser says:

I think it's interesting until he starts telling his silver story, which is out of context.

Sophia Cimino says:

which 39 seconds?

Eric Howard says:

Only 39 seconds of good info. This video is garbage.

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