Announcing A New Penny Stock Millionaire Student

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I LOVE every new millionaire student as just recently my student Steven here just passed $2 million in profits while my student Mark is closing in on $1 million, now another students just emailed me to say he’s crossed the $1 million mark, but wishes to remain private…fine by me as I want all these stories to inspire you to show you what’s possible ONLY WHEN YOU STUDY HARD!

0:10 I posted 7 different birthday gifts for you for my birthday – I want you to take advantage of those gifts.

3:00 One of my millionaire challenge students just hit the million mark, he wants to stay under the radar. I get it, that’s cool. I’m happy for anyone who studies hard.

7:00 Everyone wants to know the secrets of my millionaire students. The only secret is that they have an above average work ethic.

9:00 Stephen Johnson is two years in and is making roughly $1,000 a day. All of these guys are studying the stock market hard.

12:00 Penny stock trading boils down to time and dedication. 80% of people who have gym memberships don’t go to the gym. Very few students do enough work and put in the time and effort to become profitable.

16:00 Let me know if you’re inspired by my students like Stephen Johnson and if you’re going to take advantage of the seven gifts I’ve posted about for my birthday.

19:00 Stephen Johnson took two years to learn to make $1,000 a day because he learned the process. The discipline and the process are what really matters when it comes to trading penny stocks.


Zizi Matanda says:

Quite impressed with your teachings. I am a slow starter but I am definitely a follower.

Daniel Falcon says:

thanks for always pushing me forward my account hasnt grown much but my knowledge account is getting bigger everyday. ive learned how focus on the studying part instead of the money.

Labarron Kennedy says:

I love the this fucking video Tim. Keep teaching.

thomas more says:

Whats the webinar Link ??

Karl Kenny says:

bashing S johnston i love it..studying between grey goose and pints of guinness…. lol

Stan Carver says:

Great motivation

cryptojJG says:

Tim where i can watch the videos lessons in the webinar?

CasHCreeW says:

Great motivation. Great video.

Liam Tanner says:

You are right about people being lazy. Heck, I am even lazy during periods of time, but I know my potential and I need to act. I won't be lazy anymore. Thank you Tim!

Oinotna Iramida says:

finally I'm in the silver plane, I have to watch all your video lations …. until death … 🙂

optionout says:

"and yet I remain calm throughout it" (RRRRR) ,LOL we understand.

Im coming along. Slowly, but moving.

FunnyTities says:

this Steven Johnson paradox is inspiring af, I remember him at like -$4k and now hes 28k+ and making 500+++ daily, this is very powerful! I really thought he's not gonna make it

Antonio Arciniega says:

The problem with Tim is that by not having proof of the student is he could be making him up, and he has a history not having integrity towards his students and viewers. He realizes that he is running low on millionaire students so he decides to make one up to boost the sales of his courses and market the fake account in order to sell more courses. Frankly, this could all be an act and the real way he makes his money is behind the scenes selling courses, affiliates and etc. rather than being a talented trader.

Blessed Family says:

Thank You Tim !!! You are Awesome ✨✨✨ Happy Belated Birthday 🎉 ✌💗

Joseph Zinser says:

Great video, thanks again for the motivation sir! Great week this week till Thursday. Then I totally through discipline out the window ignored my plan for Thursday late afternoon and got stomped on. It was a hard lesson again and I know exactly what I did wrong. Sticking to my plan as you and Tim bohen talk about would have totally Save the Day. Fomo got me. I know better than that at this point. Received the complete penny stock course last week so I'm going to finish reading it completely through this weekend and go back through step by step after that. Retrace some of the trades I've made since last September when I started as I go through the book. Time to study more.

KNO2005 says:

Tim when you were talking about the terrorism I thought you were gonna put ur face in front of the camera and be like: we are coming for you motherfuckers!!! like you did in Japan long time ago. Lol

janpec10 says:

Its funny that milions and milions people are engaged in markets trough trading or investing, and yet Tim has "only" 200k subscribers. But if you think about it, it totally makes sense, if 80% of people dont go to gym they just want to straight pop up with great body or dont bother if thats not possible and hard work is needed, then also most people wont want to subscribe because they dont want to be bothered with lessons every day, they want a quick pop instead. But the problem is that that makes this channel less exposed and its like a vicius cycle where those who do actually want to make it strong enough they might not see the channel due to not enough exposure and thus increase their failure rate. Life gives you lessons everywhere that a good strategic thinker is a long term thinker and a bad one is the one jumping on the first ball and unwilling to make sacrifices to achieve that long term goal. No risk in time investment no gain to be made.

PNDA TV says:

thank u for this inspiration day after day I. need that and im so thankful !

ted dy says:

Happy Happy Birthday Timothy S.


You feel older you look older . Happy birthday old man.

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