Another Breakout + EMA Ribbon & Support/Resistance Lines To Watch For Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Will Bitcoin get a breakout out soon? I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I’ll show you the Bitcoin support & resistance lines I’m keeping an eye on. For the Bitcoin & crypto news section, I’ll discuss the centralized card payments network we have today and the wealth distribution of Bitcoin. Watch the video to learn more!

0:43 Revised Resistance Zone
2:23 Latest Update
4:55 Support & Resistance
11:28 EMA Ribbon
15:00 RSI
16:06 Bitcoin & Crypto News

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The Moon says:

10% Off Fees On Bitmex:
0:43 Revised Resistance Zone
2:23 Latest Update
4:55 Support & Resistance
11:28 EMA Ribbon
15:00 RSI
16:06 Bitcoin & Crypto News

10% Off Fees On Bitmex:
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You know that or not says:

But great video as always

GAM3 MAS73R says:

Thanks Carl im so god damn rich

M. Ibrahim says:

Hi Carl thank you for your nice videos, do you use trailing stop? if so can you give us some hints please.

the nforcer says:

0.6 BTC – About 70% from mining and 30% from buying after a crash. Goal of 1 full BTC by end of year. Lets hope John Mcaffe is right about 1 million per BTC end of 2020!

Old Fart In Crypto says:

Carl you are a hoot man! LOL Great vid

Sean Dailey says:

I enjoy your videos and feel you do a nice job overall.

One piece of constructive feedback on your chart analysis: KISS
at around 7:50 you showed all these support and resistance lines. It looked like a tangled mess. You should try focusing more high level with support levels and picture of chart. If you do, you’ll find fewer support and resistance lines. As well as the case for a bear flag bigger picture

Anicca says:

Why are you stealing clothes from your grandpa?

Alex Chu says:

If the dollar goes to shit I don’t know how I am going to protect myself.

roadstar499 says:

Very doubtful Bitcoin will ever go below 5800….188k was all time low for over all marketcap….Not beleiving marketcap could drop to 150k which would give us a 5k bitcoin… to late in the game… for last 4 months been hearing so much BS…

Count25 Sigg says:

0.04743088 BitCoin or 299.00 current price. I have purchased at 4 different times about 350.00 worth. I'm trying to figure out my cost basis. So I haven't been trading until it gets back up there. Thank you for the video.


CNBC says it goes up so it goes down

codyc500 says:

For the last few weeks now, BTC has been doing the exact opposite of the TA youtubers sentiment…

Steve Vaughn says:

Carl. Are the temperatures getting cool where you are ? I noticed you're wearing a sweater. We're cooking with 96 degree September temperatures in Florida. Wish I was in your region right now.

azlan m says:

Good video ….see u tomorroW…"definitely watching the video"

david merrick says:

Don't you think that Bitcoin has evolved from a concept to a currency to a commodity and at this point with a few people/corporations controlling such a large percentage and all those entities being not speculators but disciples it is logical to conclude that they will defend the price vs cost and as difficulty continues to rise that BTC price will never dip below coin production cost meaning a constant rise as halving continues through the next 3 decades

Cedric B. says:

nice analysis; one thing worth mentioning is that each corrective wave since 2017 ended at 30 RSI, but here we haven't bottomed yet(still around 42), which makes me think that unless we are seeing the emergence of a new upward trend, this movement may actually not be an impulse wave but just an irrelevant part of of the corrective wave which started september 5th; we would need to have BTC around 5800-6000 to mark a real bottom

inner dinosaur says:

Take no notice of the trolls I don't know about any one else but I think your a geniuses think I spelt it right lol peace peeps ?

Flavius Tech says:

Omg, you made 100 lines of resistances and supports 🙂 , of course the price will bounce from them if you draw 100 horizontal lines.

Linda Bohm says:

1 Bitcoin 30 Litecoin

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