ANOTHER STOCK MARKET CRASH? Are You Ready..By Gregory Mannarino

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Kopronko says:

Wait, a little bit, … it Ain't showing the Real-Whole Picture yet , … just a while, just a while, … and, … BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM !!! ! !!!
Pwy :-/ 🙂 :-(

Jeff Krebs says:

will the gubment crash the the market on monday as a distraction to the election….vote trump!

Fred's Shed says:

I only have been listening to you Greg for about 5 months now, I was one of those it will fix itself people, but I always had a uneasy feeling of the economy. So I've only had a short time to get my butt in gear, but I've been doing so since then, the longer they put of the inevitable, the longer I have to prep! So thanks for keeping us in touch with reality Greg!

Sidney Boudro says:

Gregory Listen to these on the Internet this is worst then Watergate bigger then then Te-pot Dome.
REALIST NEWS – Biggest scandal in U.S. history about to break?
His another one regarding Wiener's Computer This is the gift that  keeps on giving. This is more about human trafficking.

Dr. Conspiracy says:

Head and shoulders pattern on the DOW Greg. The last week has formed the other side of the shoulder. What do you think?

Louay Hanna says:

the question is when?

seanlaca says:

The problem is that the last two bubbles are even, so there's no consistency or any way to predict the third bubble bust.

CH D says:

Greg I have purchased 5 silver bars because of your channel…that's all my savings in those bars now…just bought the other day. Hopefully YOU have saved my LIFE savings. Thanks for to your honesty and truth. Wish it wasn't like this as I value life so much more.

Darren Eastman says:

hey thanks for working a little on Saturday. can't believe the news cycle is dead today just before the most important election of a lifetime.

Xx2ndAmendmentxX says:

Thank you Greg! We appreciate your heads up all the time and helping people wake up.

rockabillyrider says:

Love the tie!!!!

vimy 15 says:

greg, ur awesome and thank you for your insights.. new cam working out well .. but a minor critique .. a microphone ..please sound lethargic … and i have to crank the volume to hear you … please get a mic …. thank you

Mark W says:

I feel like the central banks are gonna let this one slowly bleed out.

Kyle Ernst says:

If Hillary Clinton is elected then the powers that be will not ever let the economy collapse under the first woman president. It simply wont happen. If Trump is elected then you will see the greatest collapse ever seen just so they have someone to blame.

SuperSatan666ddevil says:

No face? No marks!

Serendipity Girl says:

You sound tired.

Rusty Hill says:

Good perspective Gregory… This is a perfect chart to figure out the over priced market it reflects. According to my calculation the fair value of this market on this chart is around 900. The only way they can prevent that much of a drop is write of debt, cut taxes & government by 60% lower the price of oil to $15 and triple the price of PM's ASAP.


Your never ready. You just hope you did enough. 1 sec. after is to late.

Tony Rappa says:

I believe the market will go back up at least one or two more times and then things will crash

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