April 24, 2020

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David Fillmore says:

As a porshephile I want to see pics of the new car

David Fillmore says:

Glad her Right Upper Lobectomy went well. If she was a non smoker she should do well after the partial pneumonectomy.

Robin Rothstein says:

Wishing your mom the best and a quick recovery.

Graham Oldfield says:

Great to hear about your mom , give her my best. She will outlive her doctors and I want to hear that she makes 100 .Enjoy the 911 because you earn it and deserve to reward yourself .

Edgar Torres says:

God bless your mom, Whiz.

Ryan Thomas says:

Good news 🙏

M. Susan Brown says:

All blessings and healing to your mom, as well as love from us unknown subscribers. Happy flying!

Steve Mannion says:

GOD's Speed to your Mom! Nothing but good thoughts and prayers headed her way from the TGO Squadron!

james vaughan says:

Great news about your mom! Flying over Okeechobee…I remember back in 2003 and 2004 when I was a 3ID ALO and working CAS assets at the Avon Bombing Range. That was a great time call in fighters to bomb targets on the range.

Roy at SWP Careers says:

Awesome news about Mom!

Mike G says:

Good news about your Mom, prayers to your family!

Paul Boomer says:

Glad to hear about your mom, said a prayer.
On a lighter note, always remember, it’s “por-shuh”
Don’t let the “porsh”-tards infect you

bounderdriver says:

Need a video tour of that 911 when you get it!

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