Are We Headed for a Stock Market Crash in 2018? | Phil Town

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Though the stock market has had a few jitters lately, it’s overall strength has been unprecedented, soaring past record after record in its continual upward climb. However, no matter how strong a bull market is, it must come down eventually.

In my opinion, a considerable crash could be on the horizon. There are a few reasons why I feel the stock market could be heading for tough times in the not-so-distant future. Watch the video and let me know what you think!

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Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing says:

Thanks for watching today everyone – I would love to hear your opinion, what do you all think? If you're looking for my top 6 market-crushing principles, download my free guide now >>

Gary Alan says:

You sound like a bear. What's that saying? Bulls make money; bears make money. And pigs get slaughtered . Good info.

Drew Woodworth says:

How do you prepare for the crash? Should we buy right away when the crash happens?

David Stiles says:

how can one be " prepared " if the stock market crashes

Raunak Sangle says:

the next crash would be a credit card or a student loan crash

Money Core says:

We are long overdue for a major correction or a crash. I do worry that if the banks, financial sector causes a crash, there won't be enough money to bail out these Wall Street companies, like in 2008. And that could lead to an unprecedented financial crisis.

Let ́s Fix It says:

Gold Silver BTC, the holy trinity.

Serge Sam says:

FIAT doesn't worth nothing since they print it like plain paper it as not secure value, CRYPTO are BEst since the coin are caps ….

Serge Sam says:

Stock Market Crash = BUY CRYPTO

I A says:

4:44 what would you say is the normal level for interest rates?

D Lima says:

Great video! I do hope the market doesn’t crash now or no where anytime soon. I’ve just started investing in ETFs, yes, indexing. Diversification for me is key, I plan on continue investing till retirement, give or take 40 years from now.

Kelly Gervais says:

I agree with your insights and thoughts as well as a crash is near. I am paying off as much debt as possible and stock piling money. I have a list of wonderful companies I have been monitoring and when the time is right (market crash), my goal is to buy what I can at very low prices.

John Outtrim says:

I agree with your comments on the S&P. I still am trading selective stocks, but I have kept some out of the money puts on the S&P for the past couple of years in case of a catastrophe. Because when it breaks, its gonna be like watching Niagara Falls.

Matthew G. Garcia says:

I think a few people already said this, but I'm patiently pooling money to start buying after the a crash occurs!

Samurai says:

We will see by the end of the year when mass sell off happen. But i highly doubted it will happen this year due to tax cuts. And we are not close to 3000 at SP500. I don't agree about SP500. Yes you can choose a good companies but if it would be so easy everyone become a millionaire. SP500 after 2008 ramp up x4 is that a bad investment ??? with 0.05% fee ???

Loris Support Guides says:

there will be a crash but not as big as 2008 i guess 2-3 years for recovery

Gregory Bresnahan says:

Hi Phil, could you explain how does index investing pushes the price up of individual stocks?


Been evaluating this over the past month. Nothing good going on worldwide. Pulled everything yesterday. Out of the market for only the second time in my life. Let the crash happen! I love a good deal.

DrTed Lem says:

I have black swan hedges on every month. Eventually something happens.

Philip Quinn says:

Gold & silver are money. NOTHING ELSE IS!!!

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