Are You Ready For The Next Stock Market Crash?

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The Pandemic has triggered a wave of Billion -Dollar Bankruptcies and more under a Billion Dollars. Collateral Debt Obligations could be a Canary in the Coal Mine. Bankruptcies may signal the the stock market is about to crash. Let’s look into it.
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JAntonio NS says:

Kerry you are inspiring!

Dale Smith says:

I have been doing some research on Bitcoins and Bitcoins seems to be an easy way of earning money. Please can someone recommend someone to me who can help me begin making profits on Bitcoin Investments?

Christopher Reeves says:

That wasn’t

Iyke More says:

All the stock market has been doing this past months is crashing keeping us in suspense, I think it's truly time to invest in crypto currency cause it's favourable rn

Xao Yung says:

Everyone out here giving pieces of advice, my bit will be if you are already invested and have confident expectations then follow a major strategy that works otherwise consult with an experienced and licensed financial advisor or portfolio manager like me, Meghan Paige Villanueva who was active the last bear market in case of a crash. There are still opportunities to make mad money now in the global and stock markets. I am talking from first hand experience. Just my bit.

steven curtis says:

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Raja Khouri says:

Who are the big six ?

Daveycrocker44 says:

The poor are the canary’s.

Michael D says:

The way we crash is that it will slowly go down. We had huge crashes in march. If we had huge crashes that is the best scenario. If is a slow fall that is worst case.

mrpmj00 says:

Buy no brainer bullet proof cash rich companies:
I bought Facebook, Microsoft, , Google, Wells Fargo, eBay, Netflix, Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, Snap, Intel
The stock market goes up in the long term because it takes 2 steps forward for every 1 step backward.
Cash is trash, it loses to inflation.

100% sure that the market will go up.
Think about it, who would lend out their money and accept risk yet not get a return?
If the Fed had not stepped in,
then every investor would rather keep their money and not lend it out,
which would crash the country and we'd have 100% unemployment.

There's a lot of money on the sidelines, and new 401K money

MAC Stone says:

This is excellent. Thank you!. Cannery in coal mine warning signs on financial institutions is a must knowledge for investors.

Emmanuel Bernard says:

Times like this breed opportunities.

soupra22 says:

Great video! Thank for taking the time to create it. Would love to see you review GPRV. Cheers.

KDrop says:

There is no way apple google amazon tesla are going to go up another 2300%. What justify those numbers?

johnross101 says:

So the real Canary in the coal mine, is if government doesn't approve a financial package by the election

Diane Womble says:

Good advice.

Ben Smothermon says:

Do not contact Mrs. Margaret. So many bots advertising some scam.

Gabe Guerrero says:

I will be looking for a big canary with big hair and first name starts with "T". If he falls, we are done.

Bryson Jones says:


Roger Dingleberry says:

I only buy during a crash. I retired after 911. This was a free ride., thanks covid 19 I love you

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