AS I PREDICTED JUST YESTERDAY, Central Bank Market Intervention Begins! By Gregory Mannarino

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Link to CNBC article “China Begins Cash Injections To Boost Markets.” Click here:
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Maria das Santos says:

Saudi Arabia is desperate to destroy not only Russian and American oil production but also Iranian and Shiite area oil production.Will this not lead to further oil production in the interim?

Edwin Meyer says:

Why is not anyone scrutinizing the $500 million dollars that Obama is proposing giving to Obamacare for "mental health" issues….this money is nothing more than a bail out of a failing health care system.

Kropotkins Beard says:

It's not just in the states Greg. Listening to managers in retail talking about the slow Christmas trade they all believe that it's the Paris attacks, online sales and bad weather that have caused it. It's insane that month after month more info about the crimes and lies of governments and banks and yet people still believe everything they tell them. It all looks a bit bread and circuses to me.

Dave Parrish says:

Right on the money as usual Greg. Keep up the awesome work!

NH beach metaldetecting says:

greg were you bitten by a zombie in the last 24 hours?

Robert Frost says:

This is why Greg is wrong imo:
1). Oil did not rebound strongly at all when Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic ties with Iran. Not a lot of people are wanting to buy that market or you would have seen a stronger move.
2). This $20 billion injection that Greg is gloating about is hardly worth talking about imo. There's really no need to make this video its such a small amount relatively speaking. It's nothing new either.
3). The amount of hedge funds and other money management institutions that have elected to return money to their investors rather than invest in 2016 is really large. A major buy side component has been removed from the market on the expectation that they can't out perform the index this year.
4). People are overly cynical that central banks can control these markets. The FED isn't doing QE right now despite what people think (it's rolling over maturities on bonds into new bonds and is not hiding that) and it can't announce QE either given what its monetary stance is. ECB is also showing resistance to increasing its BBP (even though it already increased the overall size of it and look how that's contributing to a bull run!).
5). Good luck to anybody that has Greg's trades on right now (XLE/DIS long), the market indexes have had 2 daily candle hammers and today it is still attacking the lows. Who's going to buy that that didn't buy it the previous 2 days? The markets going lower guys. Greg's wrong.

R Damm says:

greg, at this point – your "hope" trade is an odd trade. you have "misread" the intentions of the central banks. they have left the theatre. they want collapse at this point, and are screaming it – re: see the interview of dick fischer yesterday on cnbc.
markets AGAIN in freefall 1/6/16.

John Doe says:

Hi Greg. Take a look in the mirror. Maybe you need some rest?

AK N says:

market correction april-may

Besnik Useini says:

Nice work!!

fred bannon says:

Greg, Take care of yourself, you gonna do no one any good if your sick

Ricky Peters says:

the zombie look is distracting

maneco64 says:

It's not going to work this time. The markets are more powerful than bureaucrats.

Gregory Mannarino says:

North Korea's nuclear test is putting pressure on US Stock Market futures which are down triple digits on Wednesday 1/5/16 @ 2:08am EST.

prabudes says:

Gregory, You look very tired. Get some rest, sleep and positive emotions.
Your insights are really valuable.

fatburga says:

Australia is still only 25 % up from the low in the… spi200…..

ewmism says:

It didn't help today's market in Australia ASX plunged nearly 100pts, retracting to minus 61 at close an hour ago. It was abnormally volatile today. Gold broke above 1500 AUD on the back of a weak AUD

woodworks1423 says:

nothing surprises me what they manipulate. funny yesterday silver was up 3%, went to the garage and came back in a few minutes and it had fallen 2%, with gold hardly moving. no new news. LOL and their usual last 30 minute ramp on bad days, dow up 120 in 10 minutes on a crap day. lovely. markets? what markets?

steampunkman says:

Thanks Greg:)

Debassi says:

sometimes if I'm on a roll I don't sleep cuz I finish what I was doing so for a few days I look tired. Greg was prob up all night working that's all

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