Ask A Question To My Student Who Turned $1,500 Into $4.7 Million

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Learn more about him at and and post whatever question you want in the comments section below and we’ll try to answer them in a Q&A session we’re doing tomorrow here in Bali!


promise paul says:

Please how do I start trading and how much did I need to start trading?

Brandon Kleeves says:

What kind of laws do you have to abide by while day trading or a place to look for them?

Fernando Tirado Padron says:

I have a question, I really want to statr the penny stocks trade, but I need to know how much money I need to have in order to start? I had to leave the University because of the lack of money. I think this is one of the problems we all have here in Mexico Thanks!!

Pd: Once I start you will be proud of me, I promise!

Turd Ferguson says:

For bounce plays on listed stocks, how do you time your entries?

Maliyah Buckner says:

How can I learn how to read the stock market charts?

Tommy says:

When you take a position (long or short) and then you are immediately in the red shortly after, what factors help you decide to either A) Add to your position, short pops or buy dips, or B) Cut your loss. In other words, how do you decide whether a stock is going to turn in your favor vs exit completely?


What are your morning scanners to find big runners

Rayirish says:

With the $1500 start out what kind of profits did you turn? I know they were small I would just like to know to further my drive and diminish my chances of getting discouraged

kevin says:

is it possible to start with $200? id like to get into it but i dont have much money

Patrick Hennessey says:

I've been fortunate to be able to trade during my day job. Now I'm not at a computer so I'm unable to trade. I've been profitable when able to focus on my trades. Should I go part-time in order to focus 100% on my trading while still keeping a day job ?

Daniel Bob says:

19 years old want to quit my day job in the Insurance business. I'm thinking having 10-15k saved up would be enough to quit and start day trading from home with 1500 in the account. This is something I want to master and do for the next 5-7 years for sure. I'd most likely work part time in the evenings starting out. Any suggestions?

Technycal Kaos says:

How great was the feeling to know that you no longer needed to depend on 9 to 5 and got to spend more time on yourself and family?

Ps: thank all of you for the bigger picture

arky Berrospi says:

I'm to consider change my NAME to TimArky. lol, thanks Tim.

Brock Carter says:

Why is it so hard to stick to your goals and what to do to condition yourself to stick to those goals when you go into a trade?

Stephon Sheppard says:

Any good books to read?

Mark long beach says:

Are new traders informed about the tax implications on capital gains when they are getting started?

verty says:

Have you ever traded forex? I know it's probably something you guys don't want to promote as it's not part of your trading strategy, but I'm really keeping an open mind about what I can trade. I want to be able to be able to trade afew things because market conditions always change like you said. I really am enjoying learning forex and prefer it over stock trading. Interested if it's something Tim has done before

Arnau Gonza says:

Where can we see your TED talk??? THX?

Tartempion Hector says:

Hi guys. Regarding dip buying morning panic on pumps, how can you identify that you will not be catch in a halt or suspension ?

Thanks for all your teachings so far !

Elias Lara says:

What dvds or what should you start watching if you knew nothing

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