Astronacci Live Trading – Gold 25 June 14 by Gema Goeyardi,CAT

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Hi Traders….

This is a live trading video on Gold commodity who focus on swing trading and need TIME ANALYSIS to find the specific DATE for market turning point / trend reversal using ASTRONACCI TIME FORECAST METHOD. This trading also shared into a live trading signal through a trading room which attended by hundreds traders around the world. They will be updated, guided, and directed to enter the market in high technology conference chat room.

Astronacci Time Forecast enables you to anticipate the trend reversal far away before the reversal comes. Using the TIME FORECAST method Astronacci will give you a lot of benefits to see the future.

The trader is Gema Goeyardi,CAT the founder of Astronacci Time Forecast who has featured in Forbes, Fortune, and achieve an award from Indonesian World Record for his methodology. He is a professional time trader based in Indonesia and Singapore and also a CEO of Astronacci International Group, a research company, who has expanded to the hedge fund business and trading institute.

This video recording is presented by Astronacci International. To have more information about ASTRONACCI TRADING ROOM and TIME forecast live trading signal please contact us on: +62.21.2938.5522 | email: |


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