Aurora Cannabis (acb) Predictions – Top 3 stocks November 2018 – Stock market crash – RichTVLive

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Today i have a very special guest RichTVLive check out his channel

Today we talk about Aurora Cannabis Predictions -also the Top 3 stocks November also how to Prepare For a Stock market crash



Great collaboration buddy lets do it again soon

Guy Romine says:

Alcohol stocks spiked and crashed right before prohibition ended in 1933 too.

Kevin Junior Mekulu says:

Be fearful when others are greedy. The valuations on these MJ stocks are just out of this world. How can anyone buy at current valuations? These companies are not even profitable yet, but people are willing to pay crazy premiums due to FOMO. Peter Lynch and Warren Buffet were right after all, always avoid "hot stocks" or "the next big thing", everything makes sense now.

Mr Guap says:

tgod looks like it is ready to blow up. you shoukd do chart analysis one these companies you guys were talking about. Good callab!

Mr Guap says:

SNNVF looks all down hill at the moment no signs of it trending up at all what do you think? does this stock have big things planned m

Frank Vazquez says:

This guy just talks about his winners, but he has made some HORRIBLE picks in the recent past, one of the biggest of them being totally pushing BITCONNECT, the bigggest and most obvious ponzi scheme EVER. Seriously folks. Take his views with a grain of salt.

Lucky Lefty says:

Every day we hustling
Every day we hustling

Darius Roberson says:

I have 1400 shares of acb . what should I expect this to be at. I'm broke now but I've always been broke. I'm just hoping to show people we can do it.

Victor ihum says:

I bet on acb goes around to 7.70 CAN monday morning and it will end up green by the end of the day 😂

Jordan Tsourouttis says:

Great video, just noticed I forgot to subscribe! Fixed that !

Marian Tiqui says:

Hi Rich
Really need ypur help.. i borrowed money (i know bad idea ) 30k and put it all on mym. Hoping it will be the next wave like canopy. I have lost 30 percent or more. What do you think. Should i sell it all or hold on. What would your opinion be on a good low stock that would be good in year or two. I have no savings whatsoever and over 60.
I know your not a broker but i respect your opinion.

WhiteBoard Finance - Stocks & Real Estate says:

Crushing the collab game! Good video buddy. Let's work together soon!

begley09 says:

Its one thing to be a correction but thats very different then a crash haha.

begley09 says:

Hmm so Rich thinks the overall stock market will crash 50%? hmm..

Sebastian Allard says:

Love the channel brother. New to investing but trying to learn as much as I can as quick as I can


Wow editing skills

Walter Baba says:

Professionalism. Turn your mic off if you're gonna cough.

BABY - Become A Better You says:

2019 will be a determining year for me. Either will the marijuana industry become on of the biggest things of this century (so far) or it will show sings of slowing down which will get me out of my positions. I am expecting to see other countries taking their laws about cannabis in consideration and I am expecting Aurora in particularly to profit from that, given the fact that they are global diversified and sell on 5 continents.

Don't you think 2019 will be one of the most important years for this industry?

Robert Pick says:

Nice video guys! I agree with ACB. I did an amazing swing trade on it several weeks ago now (as it almost doubled from where I bought it – then sold part of it) – the rest for long-term. I also agree with Sunniva – I am waiting to but it. SNNVF – OTC.

Lydia Santiago - My Investment Journey says:

Interesting predictions. Thanks for sharing.

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