Automated Strategy Development Level 1 – NinjaTrader 7 Training – 12/17/2013

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This video is a recording of our live “Automated Strategy Development Level 1” webinar covering the topics:

Create a strategy in the Strategy Wizard
Create entry and exit conditions and invoke actions
Backtest using the Strategy Analyzer
Understand the backtest results

NinjaTrader 7 is an award winning end to end online trading platform for discretionary and automated trading for stocks, futures and forex.

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Christopher Hall says:

I've gone through this with NinjaTrader 8 and the Copy/Paste functionality is a bit different. It will only Copy/Paste a single item from the Set. Is there any way to do them all at once?

The Batspiderman says:

Thank you very much. How come this strategy only works on – as of this date – ES 03-17?
* Edit: Also, it only backtests 5 days back.
– Btw, this tutorial really cleared some things up for me.

Arsh gill says:

Hello, i made a strategy using MACD cross.. when i go for backtesting, it buy me at the bottom of the candle…which is wrong… and sell me at the top of the candle.. gives me wrong results.. how to fix it?

Ianne says:

I backtested my strategy and I'd like to implement it, how do i run it in my simulated trading? thanks.

alberto moreno says:

Hello thanks for the video. I wanted to ask about what you mention about the option SIMULATED for stop losses… From what I understand… Selecting simulation to true would mean that your stop loss would work in the market just like any other stop loss but that that stop loss wouldn'b be visible other traders or investor using total view or other applications that allow them to visualise other trader's positions. Is that what it is? Thanks a lot

avihu shiloni says:

great vid i am trying  to build an strategy but i am having some difficult maybe you could help me

i want to go threw the first 2 hours of intrday trading in stocks and that the program will search for the highest point and the lowest point and to see from there threw the day if the price broke one of them (high/low) and i will want that the program will see after the break if the price succeeded in going 20/30/40 cents above the breaking point before the price fell 20/30/40 cents. and with this formula go threw about 200 days of trade and see how many succeeded and how many dident'

thank you

George A says:

Good work, thank you.

John Paul says:

Great video, thanks Lance

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