Automated Trading with Ninjatrader in Less than 15 Minutes!

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This tutorial continues my series on quantitative finance using R and Ninjatrader. We will learn how to code, backtest, and optimize an example strategy (using the SMA) and incrementally improve it using the RSI and LLR.


Harper Bruce says:

I don't know how to express how grateful i am to Mr Scott adrian the trade master, He has always proven to be the best trade manager, am making more money every week since he became my account manager. GOD bless you sir.

Cassidy Moss says:

that's bad ass! thank you sir

Mark Agnew says:

Very impressive, and reflective of my own experience over 30+ years

James Edwards-Marche says:

This was very generous of you! It's given me a good place to start in attempting to turn my method into an automated strategy.

Rakesh Nimbly says:

hey Danial plz help me to set up my algo trading in NSE plz help..

joe maagic says:

awesome show:)

Yussuf Abdi says:

amazing video man. Thanks. helped alot. but I can't get the parameters for the Bollinger bands. I've read about a strategy called the double Bollinger bands. can you help me out with the code ??

Chris J says:

Hey Daniel, I liked this script, it showed nice resuts on the optimizer with GE. are there some other tweaks for this script and if so where would i find some of those? or if you have others. For example, is there another channel script other than SMA to capture the highs and lows of the channels. I am particularly interested in day trading and buying at the lows and selling at the highs of the channels. thanks

redi sula says:

hi +daniel kovach do you have skype? im using ninja but something a don't understund, can you help me? my skype name is reddy sula, add me please!

Dan DeLave says:

I like the beginning this, "we are going to use the SMA strategy…it sucks". Thanks for the video though.

Riad Ahmed says:

Pivot scalper , ninja trader , forex …

Matias Comesaña says:

Which one do you think would be the most accurate algorithm for futures (for example, mini dow YM)?

parviz nawab says:

Excellent video. Thanks for your generosity.

Scott Tucker Jr. says:

Although they showed profits, the issue is that each day the report had 80-100 trades… so at say $10 per trade that's almost $800-$1000 negative just from order fees and commission fees. hmm… Is there a way to add commission fees to the report?

HEMENT KUMAR Vengappan says:

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kajdouf mohammed says:

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Pola Rise says:

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Uriel Amaya says:

Nice video!

Justin T says:

On the SMA long short func, better to use an if/else rather than 2 if statements

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