Automating Trades in NinjaTrader 8 Without Knowing Any Code

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Are you trying to automate some basic things in NinjaTrader 8 and don’t know any code? Here is how you can do it step by step.

Resources used in this video:
Free – NT8 News Indicator (Free Tool):

Premium (Small Fee) – Want to be part of a select group of traders who have requested features that we’ve built in? We charge a small fee to cover these dev costs and add in all those premium features:

Other Resources:
Market Analyzer Tutorial Video:

Comprehensive Alerting Tutorial for NinjaTrader 8

Free – Price line Indicator:

Full release notes and list of bug fixes:


NinjaTrader 8 Tool Set: (Which you can see in the video)

NT8 XABCD Pattern Suite (Included with Membership):

NT8 Sonar Indicator (Included with Membership):

NT8 Hurst Indicator (Included with Membership):

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C J says:

does this actually tie in to api to process buys and sells on the exchange directly?

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