AVOID LOSSES: Advanced breakout trading RULES!!!(forex market)

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My name is Vasily, I am a full-time forex trader and trading coach.
I have a 7-year trading experience and privately educate for more than two years.
I am expert in technical analysis.
During the last year, I have worked with more than 70 struggling traders on a one-on-one basis.
Under my care, they managed to evolve and got to the next level.

Don’t miss your opportunity and start the change today.
I am here to help you!



VasilyTrader says:

Hey guys, do you want to see live trading videos???


your are very umble person and a very good trader please start a telegram channel also god bless

non-stop says:


Thanks for this video

My English is weak , but I can understand it.

Please share your trades with us if possible.

Joshua Joseph says:

hey vasily , just something ive noticed consistently throughout your videos, why does the trade discussion end suddenly in the end ? But Amazing analysis though. I ditched netflix and am binge watching your videos ! Please dont stop making these videos !

Dahir Mohamed says:

Dahir  hi vasily I was watching your videos they are great I really appreciate also I want to be one of your students I need some to teach me if you can please

Sanjeev Sharma says:

Sir i have a question for a day trade what should be higher timeframe to analyse the market structure?? Tnx in advance

B L says:

wow so impressive

Ahmad Bukhari says:

Hello sir vasily can you show on how to take profit and cut loss sometimes i entry but i dont know where to take profit

Keith Greenshields says:

Again top notch

Shall mae Sanjuan says:

You are a great teacher
Your careful explanation makes me want to learn more from you.
Please let me know how to join your Fx training.

francis dubois says:

thanks for that and yeah would like to see the live room :0

White Tiger says:

what program do you use to get these charts or website ?

Abdisalan Hassan says:

appreciate, thnks

Hong Yao Kelvin Chua says:

Hi Vasily, it will be great to have live trading sessions

Quoc-Cuong PHAN says:

Hi thanks, it is interesting… pls share live trades if it is possible

NLhybrid Crypto says:

Oil is still moving within an upward channel. We are at another level of interest to watch for break out of the channel.

Martin Lorentsen says:

Where can we participate in your classes. Great work here.

George Njoroge says:

awesome stuff.. keep it up. i am interested in the live trading video.. please share..

Solomon Martey says:

Thanks Vasily. Any opinion on GBPUSD & GBPJPY from a TA perspective. I will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the education though.

Mikel Hansen says:

Great analysis Vasily, we woud like to see some live trading action, oil for example 😀

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