Avoiding the Wake-and-Trade Habit

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If you don’t have structure and typically rely on pumped stocks for most of your gains, you need to watch this. Don’t follow the masses of traders who lose — be a few steps ahead by making sure you’re prepared. Tune in to see how I prepare, then implement my steps into your own routine!

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You’ve heard me mention countless times how chaotic this market is … and how often traders lose.

So how do you keep yourself from falling prey to that negative statistic?

I’d say a good place to start is the polar opposite of chaos…

And that’s routine. You have to get a good routine down if you want to eliminate as many hiccups as humanly possible from your day trading.

Picture this … You wake up and start trading with no plan, no watchlist, no indicators, and no trading tools…

What do you think your account will look like by the end of the day?

It may depend on the type of market we’re in. But that unpredictability will be your downfall. A bubble market isn’t sustainable like routine is…

Watch this to learn how I personally prepare for the trading day — routine is key in this world of madness!

And I’ll post the links to all the tools I use. Check above for those.

If this video gave you ideas to add to your own morning routine before trading, comment below. Say, “I will be prepared.”

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Timothy Sykes says:

🔴 Try This Every Morning to Improve Your Mindset for Trading: https://bit.ly/3uc7WB5

If this video gave you ideas to add to your own morning routine before trading, comment below. Say, “I will be prepared.”

Mike Joiner says:

Ill be prepared each and everyday.

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"I will be prepared"

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I was already doing what you "taught" in this video, thanks for the reminders though! haha

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preparing and learning and not giving up

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Thank you !!!!

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I'm learning and making $$$
Thank you for the advice Tim.

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I'm always prepared, always a student.

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I Will Be P. R. E. P. A. R. E. d . It’s not you, Teacher, believe me it’s the place. There is so much energy focused on the west coast that most folks find it negative. Loved the “Look” you gave on Bryce’s Twitter Risk & Reward yesterday. Mission High has a Bulldog giving that same look on the varsity jackets. Iconic.

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Ivy Phillips says:

That's what I want to do donate to charity

Ivy Phillips says:

Tim I would like to get involved but I'm poor r do you think I can take a loan out

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I will be prepared!

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I bought your class , and what I have found out after doing 5 days homework in one day is that : proper preparation, prevents poor performance “

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