Back testing with NinjaTrader. Trade simulation made easy.

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TRADEPRO Academy takes you through a simulated trading exercise using NinjaTrader. Find out how to back test your trading strategy.


luism says:

Really helpfull! greetings from Colombia

Alex Woods says:

What course should I take for beginner day trading? What's the cost? Thanks!

Mahmoud Al kadi says:

So much helpful and you gave me what i came for initially . Great job !
Will definitely check your other videos

Engineered Reality says:

Thank you so much! So a great vid!

j says:

you explain things so well

M0RPED says:

Thank you so much this really helped.

Christopher Williams says:

OMG! Why didn't the developers make any effort to make this backtester accurate? I mean, Ninjatrader has a lot of features, but it is the least accurate backtester in the market right now. If you trading on a 60-min chart and a condition for your strategy has been satisfied, Ninjatrader will not place a trade until the bar is done. By then, you missed like 30 pips in movement. I'm very disappointed in the progress that NJ8 made from NJ7.

Luciano Pasicel says:

Great video! Question: How much is 1538.25 in $?

Sean Fitzgerald says:

I like the videos…………..would love to be able to identify the next video by number system. Like 1.0 ….2.0  and 3.0. 

Firdaus Mat Nayan says:

May I know what software you use to show pencil & draw?

hawaii137 says:

you said it was free?.. i went to the site, you need a referral? can I use you?

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