BANK BAIL IN: Price & Types of Gold + Q&A with Eric and Lynette – 3/20/2018

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Today’s Slides and Questions:

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Question 1. Barbara S: What about money at TD Ameritrade account. Is that a bail in bank account?

Question 2. David L: which bank would you use to store large amounts of cash?

Question 3. Gilbert Z: you speak about gold at $10,000 in the future, is that because the value of gold will rise or the dollar will drop?

Question 4. Pepsi Me: can you explain the difference between monetary, numismatic and other types of gold?

Question 5. Brenda S: What is the significance of March 24? (Date predicted for “beginning of collapse”).
By ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang

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Joe Smith says:

Problems not really solvable anymore as world turns to corruption on a very large scale. People go into government for money and power only, not to help people. It's a new world and it's failing, Trump notwithstanding. Trump is a hiatus in the downward tendency due to corruption. Cannot be reversed anymore.

Pepsi Me says:

Thanks for answering my question re types of gold. As you elaborated, the question also is which kind of gold would be likely to be confiscated. I am still confused on the bullion vs numismatic coins. E.g. Royal Canadian Mint uses both terms to describe the Canadian Maple leaf. Quote: "The iconic Gold Maple Leaf is a highly sought-after Royal Canadian Mint bullion coin. This reverse proof gold numismatic coin celebrates the Gold Maple Leaf’s beauty and success since its introduction in 1979." Would such a coin be likely to be confiscated? Would it be considered bullion or numismatic? Thanks for your patience, I am new to this and trying to wrap my head around the terminology.

Perilous Poozer says:

“Bail in” sounds like a fancy term but all it means that you lent your money to a bank to invest it for you and they lost some or all of it. The Government does not want to make up the loss and the bank doesn’t have enough reserves to make up all of the loss, so the bank has to admit that they lost your money.

At one time, this would be what was expected to happen when a bank failed. But since 2008, people have been expecting the Government to make up the loss, so bail-in is now viewed as the exceptional and unreasonable course of action.

ArtistSteph Roman says:


Matthew says:

She didn't mention she was a coin dealer. Of course she will tell you to only buy coins lol. She goes on and on about how evil the government is (calling them Satanists etc. in past videos) and their evil plans, but then says to play along and don't believe in real money of gold and silver and only buy gov minted coins with pathetic and joke face values. She is anti real money and part of the problem.

Damien Wright says:

Lynette . At 17. 15 you just nailed it , rate and speed of the printing press using rates, I think its one of they most important of many important things you have taught us. Your summary and Idea on this topic was great , really great . Keep getting the message out there. Love from Australia : > xxx

Roma Lawal says:

Lynette. Good to see you gal! What is the fundamental value of silver without surpression please? What is going to happen here in the UK during the imminent world economic depression?

Jason Chua says:

If you have fait money to save – just save it in Gold or silver – you do not need and financial planning exe.

Matthew says:

Wow, she finally admitted 10,000 gold when the dollar totally tanks. 1300 gold will be the same as 10000 gold and it wont make you rich, just insurance/preservation. In past videos she totally pretended gold would make you rich and to buy her gold. Q&A finally got it out of her. Then she adds she doesnt know what the price of gold will be, maybe trillions lol.

Michael Mortellaro says:

Soooo excited for Thursdayyyyyy

Lap Dog says:

Helpmehemp loves your work let’s hope baby boomers wake up and sell there McDonald’s stocks and invest in a better future.

Matt Langstraaat says:

You guys are the best.. again please do a show on your services.

Tim Buck II says:

What is your opinion of SD Bullion?

monica! says:

listened a 2nd time, this is some next level information! Can't wait for the next vid!

fredz says:

Hell no real colour in the us note. .our new zealand cash maybe worth zero too but at least we have nice colours ☺

Matt Langstraaat says:

I thought all money market accounts were bank bailinable… as they have froze them in the past

Darren Croft says:

Hi Lynette , Do you think JP Morgan is using their huge reserves of silver like other banks use gold in reserve , and do we have to wait for a currency reset for the wonderfully managed silver to appreciate ? love your work and still waiting for your book on Zangenomics , cheers

Peter Durbin says:

Each time I watch one of the videos from Lynette and ITM the more the fog is being cleared from the FIAT indoctrination from birth. The " nominal confusion" combined with slow inflation makes it "acceptable" to the masses as a means of exchange for goods and services.
Thanks Lynette and ITM staff for providing these informative videos.

4711Express says:

Well …less than 1% in USA has gold (as in: knows what they are doing)….320 million US citizens, 20.000 subscribers to this channel and a few 100 views…..go figure…poor poor people. (But Kardashian’s have approx 1 million views a day). Maybe Lynette should have a coffee with the Kardashian’s?

Jay M says:

Why do gold prices go down when the stock market goes down?

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