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Hello friends today i will be discussing about how to use simple techniques to trade Bank Nifty Weekly options & win up to 100% of investment within 3 to 4 days!

In this strategy i have discussed about:

1. How to identify Bank Nifty trading ranges
2. How to select strike prices of Bank Nifty for Hedging
3. How to keep Stop loss for premium & Exit points
4. How to cut losers & Trail the winners for huge profits!

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Siddhesh Tulaskar says:

KISS stands for Keep It Short and Simple

Prasanta Pradhan says:

Do you have any back test data ?

Pratima karbhari says:

Can you provide the calls

Pratima karbhari says:

Sir give me.your.number I want to join you

Guna S says:

Bro Your videos and Teachings are awesome..Great work..keep it up..
can u pls tell me how to use vwap indicator to choose undervalued options..?

ramesh sharma FB says:

good strategy


We can not stop loss on positional tradig. Are you aware of it?

Sakhawat Hossain says:

One question, you said that u took the trade on the 8th of Sep 2017 at 10:00 am, how did u determine the the high and low of 8th Sep 2017 beforehand ??? Please explain whether we have to observe the high and low of the previous day !!!

Amol Pawar says:

Tried this Friday but booked Loss.. lot of exceptation from this strategy but it may be won't work in stable market 😏

nishant kumar says:

As per your video on 8th September you take position. ..@10 am . My question is about high and low ..we have to wait once market open @9.15am to 10 am ..

Aniket Diwekar says:

How can SL for PE be hit on 9th Sept?? It was Saturday..

Rishabh sharma says:

I don't want to point out your strategy but it's very high chances of lose premium in both positions… Always market not go like this …

Rushabh Panchal says:

how to register your free trading course i have already subscribe on your website.

jatinder nikhil says:

sir i place your strategy ,but sir if markit not going any wear what is over stoploss


It is unbelievable that honest and genuine trade experts like Mr Harry James still exist, after i have lost so much to scammers, a colleague told me about mr harryjames my mentor strategy and ever since i started using his strategy i have been able to recover all that i lost so easily, his strategy is the best you can ever think of. never give up God has been using him to make my life really wonderful moment thank you Harry

Samir Mohanty says:

Very nice, Please let me know what are the indicators using with settings.

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