Banknifty Weekly Expiry Options Strategy Using Options Max Pain

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Banknifty Weekly Expiry Options Strategy Using Options Max Pain

In this webinar, I will show how you can trade options using Options Max Pain. Nowadays Bank Nifty weekly options are very popular among traders because they are having an expiry every week. So we know that in expiry times option prices can double, triple, multiply by 10 times, 20 times, even 50 times or 100 times. There are low-risk high return strategies can be created in expiry times.

We can use Options Max Pain to create a simple Banknifty Weekly Expiry Options Strategy. The Max Pain can predict the exact expiry points and the Open Interest charts can predict a range in which the expiry is likely to happen. So traders can take positions with high accuracy if the expiry point or the expiry range is known to them. In fact safe money can be made selling or writing options using the Options Max Pain theory. You will get Index Options Open Interest charts here: (Bank Nifty) and (Nifty). Also you can get live Options Max Pain charts here:

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Santosh chavan says:

Can you plz make in hindi

Unmesh Vaidya says:

very nice.learned something new

Siva Kumar says:

thank you very much

Siva Kumar says:

sir, very good information provided by you

CMA Atish K Ghosh says:

is the strategy(banknifty) stated above is also same for other options stock?

Romeo Dey says:

বেশ ভাল লাগল। একটু নতুন ধরনের।

Jasbir singh says:

very Nice sir..

sumit mittal says:

sir great information you provided to us . but i have 1 question that. can anyone influance the level of nifty or bank nifty anyhow. if yes then how. or can anyone take nifty and banknifty to there desire level.means at that level where they have minimum loss. thats what max pain theory says.

dattatraya lode says:

When to incorporate this strategy for wednesday or thursday

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