Banks Have Started Another Stock Market Crash

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Some important data just came out that confirmed my greatest fear… this has happened before every stock market crash in history. And banks are behind it.

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The credit market is starting to tighten up again. Lending standards are among the tightest they have ever been apart from in 2008. Consumer demand for residential, commercial, and industrial loans has crashed.

Every stock market crash is ultimately caused by credit freezing up, and this is exactly what we are seeing now. This is a good thing for bonds, which I expect to do very well for the rest of the year.

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don’t forget that the ratio hit a historic high – 155% – right before the stock market crash in march 2020.

why isn’t the stock market crashing? the stock market and economy might crash around july 31st or august 1st.
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stock market crash 2020: warning bells are ringing!
in this case it will be more like widespread lockdowns and economic stagnation followed by a stock market crash…

prepare for the stock market crash 2020 end game. if you want to find out how to make money in a stock market crash then in this video i will show you which investments actually gain in value when the stock market crashes.

in this video we go over warren buffett ray dalio and other experts opinions on a stock market crash occurring again in 2020…..

there are warning signs of a stock market crash on the horizon.

why the market could crash around july 31st. after crashing 35% the stock market has been on a tear since late march. 2020 stock market bubble explained!..
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will there be another stock market crash?

stock market bubble – things are becoming clearer every single day; today’s stock market bubble will burst soon…

historically this indicator signals that a stock market bubble is just about to burst. the beginner’s guide to the stock market – .

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Investing Club says:

Anyone buying bonds? I think they will do well for the rest of the year

lai vincent says:

Please send me links to the stock market sentiment report

Kyle Elsmore says:

Great video.

Eric Bighead says:

More like this! Great work!

Anthony Lowe says:

Love your videos, I believe there’s a lot of stock market YouTubers that will have a lot to explain or delete soon, but you will be a supper-star for being right… 🙂

Junior Ordel says:

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ibra udinov says:

When you make the right decisions and take the right steps in stock trading the chances of losing your funds becomes slimmer and almost impossible especially when you invest with a broker as good as Derrick Payne my broker

Delos says:

I think if it's becoming a big problem the fed will invent new tools for itself or congress will intervene in the banks again. For better or worse.

But always good practice to take profits when sentiment turns extremely bullish, then buy when the market is bearish. This is a hard market to buy into now with the S&P about to hit an all time high…

The problem when the fed is pumping is that cash is trash.

Andre Behroozi says:

Good analysis and I don’t think the feds can bail this out it’s not like they can force banks to borrow money right ?

Amitabha Koay says:

World Peace .. Amitabha

Leo Quintana says:

This means gold will still going up?

Daniel Drobinic says:

Don’t understand how this channel doesn’t have more followers

MostNaturalMedia says:

Do you guys think the crash will happen prior to the election or after it?

Dinngg0 says:

Best comment I heard was, when the shorts become longs, the crash is likely.

raj kumar janghel says:

Everybody say next crash crash, but where is crash and when will it happen

Scott Howard says:

Crash? That's why the market is going up every single day. Every little dip gets bought up then pushed to a new high. I'm about ready to push all in on a S&P 500 long position.

Nicky Yap says:

The stock market can crash and the market can move up.. It is normal for any investments.. It is how you make use of your cash to adapt to it.. Buy when it is too cheap and good or buy while it is still going up… There are alway good buy whether it is bad or good time. It is your cash, don't waste time listening and not doing anything about it.

Kushardyanto says:

Great vid as always dude!! But how long do you think the bull market will finally fall due to banks? Is it in the near future (i.e. 2 months from now) or in 2021?
Looking forward for your answer! and cant wait for your next vid!😁

Brandon G says:

Finally somebody is talking about this at an analyst level. Thank you!!!

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