Basic NinjaTrader Tutorial part 1

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Every day from market open until market close, we run a Live Trading Room for educational purposes. This live trading room is run using web-conferencing software so that you can see our trading charts, and hear our voices as we ‘call out’ the trades we are taking in our own accounts. In addition to commenting on the trades we are taking or considering taking, we also share our thoughts about the markets in general, including major support and resistance levels, the state of the US and world economies and the impact and relevance of economic and political news.

We trade a price breakout methodology of our own design. We teach our members exactly how the methodology works so they can spot their own trades. This also ensures that we are all on the same page and looking at trades in the same way while in the trading room. We provide our members with all the tools necessary for this including a trading manual, training videos, and their own copy of our indicator, all included in the monthly membership price.


Tacos Buenos says:

your voice is very soothing and lulls me straight to sleep.

apex128 says:

When I create my chart it is empty. Can anyone help me with this?

hype Williams says:

Those scripts tho, where to get them?

lxanderhoyt says:

Where are free Ninja trader scripts??

Andrew Despotakis says:

does this program give live data?

Tactical Trading Strategies says:

Yes, there is a learning curve for using NinjaTrader, but it is a terrific program with many advanced features for charting and as a trading platform.

wwood14 says:

Hey a friend of mine gave me a free copy of a program he bought years ago called 4xmade easy. Have you heard of it?? Is it crap?? Is NinjaTrader better? I'm a newby, but would love to get into this..

ProductionDanny says:

I think Pro Real Time has the best charting ! How can you zoom in and out in Ninja trader?? Do you realy always have to click the right mouse tab ? and go to zoom out ?? If so thats fucking terrible . And why cant you zoom out further ??

ExtraProphets' says:

Its really not "un-user friendly", is more "un-noobie friendly". After you get the hang of another one, this one is not much harder to use.

rpminc 12 says:

This is the most un-user friendly charting ever. WHY? make it so fricken complicated ??

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