Bcash is garbage compared to Bitcoin says Richard Heart. Rhett Creighton says otherwise

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Guide I wrote to dump your bcash when the price was 2.5x higher.
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Rhett Creighton says:

Sorry, we got dropped off at the end! Thanks for having me on the show, Richard. I had a great time, and I think that you made excellent points for Bitcoin and against Bitcoin Cash. Hope to talk to you again sometime!

Justin the Thinker says:

On november 16. Ats are going to pump. Thats what will happen.

CryptoPhil says:

Hey Richard, you making your own, whattttt the f…, save your cash and leave it in btc. Okay, I get it, your bored! Chill dude you the man, love your videos!

Dustin Smith says:

This rhett dude seriously needs to practice on just fucking talking and for fucks sake stop saying um. Sound like a rambling retard from mit.

CorpseCallosum says:

Richard Heart Please explain cash settled CME futures impact on price manipulation. There seems to be solid reasoning on both sides of the argument that BTC will end up in the same situation as the PMs.

Boogers Guy says:

Richard you are really a Richard. But your content is entertaining so keep it up, you Richard!

Demonic Hockey says:

Can you do a walk through on how you use BitMex, your trading strategy on BitMex, and essentially, what buttons do I need to hit on BitMex, (and what do these buttons mean?), to double, triple, and quadruple BTC? I am watching the BitMex series, but Arthur talks to us as if we know what derivatives, futures, spot, margin and leverage are. I have no idea what these words mean. I mean, I know what they mean in common language, just not in financial language. I have heard you talk about BitMex, but your knowledge is too high for the average listener. We may know how to work regular jobs and buy BTC, but most of us do not have a professional trading background, so when you blast through what we should all do, with all your passion and enthusiasm, it is over our heads. I will use your referral link and get on this platform, if you can demo what it is exactly that you are doing, and how I can do it. (well, if I am comfortable with the bet that you are making, and seem to be winning on … if I use BitMex, then I will use your link)

Greg Greene says:

This was great.  The most frustrating point, however,  was at the 1 hour mark when Rhett was saying that all the rational people who held their private keys on 8/1 just want Bitcoin and BCash and any other forked coins to go up in price.   I was yelling out loud in my car when I listened this "NO NO NO you idiot, I dumped this shit.  I want it to die!."  Most people who hold their private keys have done so.   It's like he believes that majority of people want to hold on to this BCH crap.  I go the impression that he thinks that everyone on Coinbase plans on holding this crap once they have access to it.  I think he is going to be sorely mistaken.

Sam H says:

I love you Richard! You just said exactly why i hope segwit2x doesn't win this upcoming fork!

Ian Johnson says:

Richard – dunno if i love you or hate you

The problem is that i agree with you, which makes it hard to dislike you – lol

Steph En says:

Bitcoin Pitt 🤣🤣🤝

Cpt Mike Lanin says:

hey roger, woopsie

Allan Pessoa Garcia says:

I enjoyed this so much. Had some good laughs and learned a lot. Thanks again, Rich.

James Marshall says:

What a stream! Excellent!

Andrew Gorsic says:

So i guess your not a fan of BTG

Randomehro says:

bcash is obviously trash, but Richard is swearing way too much

Loosecannon Recordings says:

QUESTsiON; hi, would bitcoin etf,s make bitcoin manipulateable? Do you believe gold and silver are manipulated in this way ? Thnks

Torben Bo Hansen says:

Fuck, Richard Heart fucking fucking words.

Andy M1989 says:

Multiple comments (sorry) :

Also there is a video or an article on why you hate Ethereum?

Andy M1989 says:

Richard could you please advice the best books for blockchain tecnology.
when you made the statement of markets vs intelligence and rationality it almost felt like porn words for my brain.

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