Beginner Option Trading tutorial: Learn How to Setup in TOS | ThinkorSwim

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Let me show the Correct Way to Trade Bond Futures
Let me show the correct way to trade bond futures
Beginner option trading tutorial, learn how to setup in tos, thinkorswim.Com- I walk you through my setup and how I design my options view for short term trading efficiency.
I found thinkorswim easier to use than optionmonster or interactivebrokers.Com. Straddles, volatility. Pin risk. Skew. Options flow. Grab your free week here

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Billy Forkner says:

John very gooooood video

Foto Guy says:

Awesome Video !!!!!!!

Barrsove Lee says:

Forex trading is so fun and i feel so bad when i see people complaining bitterly about not being able to make profit without losses. I once experienced this but it all ended the very day i came across a post about a trade expert called Mr. Andrey Morris. I contacted him and today i trade conveniently making $17k weekly.

Dennis Daly says:

the video is excellent. getting back into options and I wanted to explore more of TOS capabilities. But that audio file you played when setting up was awesome. Who was the group/author?

eddyvideostar says:

Thank you, John, This is a very good video emphasizing the aspect of simplicity that less is more and distraction is unnecessary. I had this notion. My aim is to navigate through the TOS platform in a seamless, smooth manner in order to use what I need in a timely manner just as a concert pianist — without rearranging the sharps and flats!

My question to you is: Why should one not trade the weekly? I believe that one could overcome the aspect of illiquidity by concentrating on the more active significant companies while locating a high volume contract, especially if one is day-trading this vehicle along with the use of a scanner.

Rick Maisto says:

I'm new to Options & I am completing the How to Start videos on I am starting to set up TOS and I really needed a simple set-up. Thank you for posting this basic explanation for setting up TOS for Options.

Cheznazi Samji says:

subscribed! Thanks for the video. I have so much trouble with Options it's unbelievable how I keep trying. I either sell too early or too late. Learning a lot this week about the TOS platform. Hopefully, this will help mitigate my losses. … off now to browse your channel. Thanks again!

Osprexx says:

Good video. There is so much available on TOS, this keep it simple setup is just what I needed to get going with TOS.

Review Outlaw says:

Nice Video, I like your Layout Nice and Clean. Keep up the good work!

MT BEATZ says:

Great video! Thank you so much for it. That Sam Smith intro song was life as well! Which remix was that?

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