Beginners Guide on using NinjaTrader 8 charts effectively?

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This is an introduction (beginners guide) into using charts with NinjaTrader 8. We’ll go over how to open up charts, windows vs tabs, opening up multiple charts, using and expanding how many candles appear on your charts and controlling the data feed with the data series property box.

Blog article (kept up to date) on Templates, Market Analyzers and Charting:

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toncuz says:

Platform doesn't do anything. It won't even open up a chart

John Oswald says:

slow down to fast

ron harding says:

How can you see where the trading day open starts. I must have a time different on my chart being in Australia as well?

Dr. Allaith says:

hello, any idea why my charts doesnt display anything and only blank apart from the futered charts ? i need help here …and thanks for the video

Tod Tradapezer says:

how can you have a chart open the same way every time you open a new chart?

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