Beginners Guide to Stangles and Straddles | Robinhood adds new Option Strategies | Make money Now

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Robinhood adds new options strategies this guide will help.

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Ernest Barnett says:

Thanks Johnny

Lucy SR says:

Thank you for helping us, the beginners in trading option in Robinhood. I get to understand little by little in trading option through watching your videos. They’re very helpful.

Joohyong Han says:

Hello, Love ur video!
I have a question! Does IV has to be between 70 ~ 100 or is it worth or safe to invest if IV is more than 100?

Kyle says:

Great video! I just have 2 questions!
1) Which one is better? Which one should I use, does it really matter? (minus the capital required for Straddles)

2) ATM(At The Money) those are strike prices around the stocks current price? So if a stock is at $70 then $69 is both in the money and at the money? Would that make $71 both out of the money and at the money?

Donald J. Trump says:

Hey nice vid options is not my cup of tea what u use to screen record ?

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