Best 5 Minute Trading Strategy for Binary Options – part1

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5 Minute High Frequency Trading Strategy for Binary Options


This video demonstrates the potential profitability you can get with this simple trading strategy.

To watch the remaining two videos that explain the full strategy please visit:

The basics of 5 minute trading strategy:

5 Minute Trading Strategy is a simple and easy to understand binary options trading strategy that is based only on two main indicators – Stochastic Oscilator and Bollinger Bands. The main principle of this strategy is to trade short-term reversals that are present in any market.

The strategy is developed for currency (forex) trading and works best in ranging markets. However, with the help of Support and Resistance Levels or Fibonacci Indicator it can be also traded with success in trending markets.

Additional information:

It is also very useful to watch the additional indicators videos here:

For More Information about Binary Options Trading visit:


Churchill Kelly says:

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lottiero senquistn says:

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Lolitady Kemai says:

The key of success is automation You can run it on AutoPilot with Binary Options software!! No complex charts, no baffing analysis, no complecatedd methods In fact nothing to learn.. Watch here => >>

toshtao1 says:

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Jhone Mackey says:

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tradorax says:

This video was good! Binary trading is not easy to use if you don't know how to read the trends or have a very good strategy. Check out our channel, we can help you.

Richard Benner says:

Absolutely Brilliant and simple system!  i had combined 3 other systems together and modified the settings and i tested it for 2 days paper trading and i went 40 wins one loss.  but it was so taxing that the count down timer would jump 2-12 seconds and i would miss the entry points.  plus I had so many rules to follow it made my brain hurt.  I had in my subscribed list on you tube and I clicked on it looking for another person.  man i am so glad i did.  i watched your 5 minute system video, stoch, BB, etc.  well I started from scratch and just tested your set up with a few tweeks for conformation.  watch my entry point on the brake outs,  I would use the RSI just as it started to exit the 20-80 line.  Well my friend it was dam near perfect as anyone could hope for.  following one pair for 18 of the 25 trades.  Then i added 2 more charts for upping the challenge.  In the end in 2 hours and much of that i was just back testing my entry points mind you final results was 23 wins 2 losses for a 92 % over all.  I would like to mention that the entire time the candles only went out of the bolinger bands 5 times.  I used then as a guide line or to wait for a reversal if i missed the entry point.  I use BB 20 1 and 20 2 that gives you a clear channel to focus on if there is a brake out.  the one indicator is stocRsi combined i got from a google search and the rsi setting is price 5 – 14 and the stoch setting on that one is 12,5,3 then I have standard stochastic that is set to 8,5,3. I also use ADX set to 14.  I have the parabolic on the chart just to keep me focused on the trend. I have a candle count down timer. news release / timer on one of the charts. the last indicator is Light indi mod – onealert.  which tells me the percent of people buying and selling.  Its there to back check for trend brake outs.  It keeps me out of trouble.  all I have to do is trust the 3 other indicators.  make a judgement call as long as the adx is screaming brake out or not.  Trust the 2 stochastic indicator if they are in sink and take the trade.  Brain is screaming are you nuts!! RESULTS as fantastic!!!! This was on aus tokyo aisa market from 11 to 1 EST.  Hope this helps anyone trying to get set up.  oh and I went 11 in a row before the first lost trade. Every indicator said it was a good trade.  Stuff Happens In Trading.  Take some risk to get a  reward. Make your first trade and roll it all into the second.  Rinse and repeat.  go a third time once you trust the set up.  I do not see it as risk since the trades work so dam well.  Peace Brother

Zoran Bošnjak says:

Arghh … I cannot register on your website. There is an error on register page. Tried with Chrome and IE (newest versions). Please fix it, or set whole article to be visible for anonymous.

Rosemary Moody says:

*Thanks a lot for this great review……You see, the other bots, signaI services, and scam offerings were designed to make just trades. Even good bots managed to get up to only 60% winning trades on average, which is not enough to be profitabIe.A common practice was to doubIe every bet untiI a winning bet brought you your money back. However, even winning was not enough because trade sums were and stiIl are limited to 200 or 250 USD per trade, making it impossibIe to doubIe or tripIe up in case of a Ioss.The smart brokerages limit your betting sum. It wasn’t this tight once and it was considered a loophole, so they quickly cIosed it.
So the brokerages have closed that "doorway" by restricting your trade sizes to a max of 250 USD mostly, and tripling up is not possible… the normal way.*

Guadagna con Internet says:

Hi, congratulation for this strategy. i would ask you a question: is still valid for now?

Catherine Alex says:

>>>>I had to see what all the fuss was and after seeing with with REAL money how he made so much from using his TOP secret binary software..

Ryan Penning says:

Hey there, I have a question. I live in Australia and have started using a demo account to practice trades because I'm serious about using a live account with this 5 minute strategy. My question is when is the best times for here in Australia to do range trending as expresses in part 3 of this series of videos? I want to avoid the volatility etc, and following a range market and I prefer to sit and watch the screen.

Thanks !

Paul Tomlinson says:

Thoroughly enjoying the 5 minute binary option training series. I would have to look at my stats but I am somewhere around 70% ITM. But but but. I tend to lose my first trade of the day. I'm trading somewhere around 8:00am central time. Are there better times to trade, avoid trading around news time, etc…?

Adam Roe says:

Very impressive initiative indeed….Thank you

Dipalok Barua says:

Very impressive initiatives ……….

Ron O'Daniels says:

Very well done video I am off to your website to read more in depth.

MaximB13 says:

Hey there,
recently, I have left a positive review below your 5 minute strategy video, it showed great results! But, cannot get why, for the last few days, starting from the end of the previous week, past amazing results turned into sh*t. 
I was trading asian session (according to the statistics I made, it showed the best results, among the rest of sessions), pairs – EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, GBP/CHF, NZD/USD (again, my statistics showed these pairs are the most profitable ones),  also tried EUR/CHF,USD/CAD, but dropped trading it. What has happened? Or, I am the only, that kind of loser?  
Also, Bojan, I guess (I wish you would ever do it) you should start up, somekind a forum, to discuss, exchange thoughts, developing strategy.

Robert R. Blevins says:

One of the best tutorial ever seen!!!

StirisChannel says:

finally i found someone that just want to try to explain and not tell me the big secret after deposit to his broker 🙂 i trade for 2 months now really newbe ,i like the 5 minute period of trading more ,before i watched the very first video of u,thats why iam also glad that u give me good advise and indicators u know that can help during this period trading, ivseen most of videos iam a member to your site,i think the system with the help of the indicators u adivse in other videos,i think its working,after all iam trading with your strategy for 3-4 days now, of course i will get back with rezults,enjoy your hollidays and greetings from greece

Sleve92 says:

What is the best time to trade the pairs you mentioned? (EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/GBP, AUD/USD)
I´m from germany, can you tell me the time in GMT please?

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