Best brokers for penny stocks and new traders

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Investing and trading carry significant risk to your capital. I am not liable for any loss you incur from trading ANY FINANCIAL instrument or investing in anything! Trading and investing requires hard work and discipline to be profitable in and is NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. The videos i post are intended for entertainment purposes and for a collective of like minded individuals who are interested in discussing their ideas about the idea of capitalism, economics, commerce, investing and day trading.


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john hardin says:

Thank you!  pdt rule got me in a bad spot (rookie mistakes) and I hate this rule.  I am trying an account with suretrader to avoid this rule.  I have read many bad reviews on them but decided to try it for myself.  Unlimited trading will be so advantageous it will outweigh any bad customer service or small issues with the company.  Hope they don't take my money and run though, not much I could do about it. 
Do you have new opinion on suretrader now?   Do you know if they have margin maintenance requirements like other brokers do?  eg. must maintain %50 equity on purchases or they will liquidate your ass.

PS, I am new to trading and would really appreciate any help you can give.  Thanks

El Hackeado says:

Hi, I'm an aussie and world like to open an account whereby I can short. Are you using IB for shorting at the moment, if so I presume you didn't open an Australian account!? How did you get around this? 

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