Best Option Strategy Ever – Option Trading For Beginners

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Enjoy stocks trades and options on Robinhood? You came to the right place. This channel specialized in large trades and risky options trading on Robinhood. Gains and losses of me and others. Lots of simple financial advice and best picks in the market!

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monstars02 says:

I upvoted the video but I'm still confused about how I make money with options. 🤷🏿‍♂️

Nate Rinehart says:

But won’t you owe nearly $26,000 if you screw up that sell?

Teos Triple OG says:

I just saw another channel and it’s different from what you show here???

Buy call -Sell call and then Sell put -Buy Put

Which one is right???

Clixy Clix says:

It’s not working for me when I try to make the custom order. It says that I can only send one at a time.

Ethan Blowers says:

I did this at $269 strike, now at 274, Robinhood says I'm down $1,100 on 5 contracts when my collateral was $500.. is this Robinhood being crappy? Cause this closes today and I'd hate to be out $1,100

Shakir Hussain says:

Iron condor vs iron fly? Which one do you think is better?

Jonah Thomas says:

Thank you for these lessons bro!

Judy Wangui says:

This was great, I've been looking for "nifty option trading formula" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Winoorfa Option Olegroson – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

Jorge Obregon says:

Probability of Profit on this strategy, 9DTE, $1 wide wings, iron fly on $QQQ is ~7% in currently volatility conditions (assuming QQQ moves 1 standard deviation which is 68%). If I understand this correctly, you profit $97 on 7 trades, and lose $3 on 93 trades (this is just taking 100 trades as an example). So ($97*7) – ($3 * 93) = $400. The strategy is profitable. The real question is… how is your brain going to react when you lose money so often?

Rich Garcia says:

How does this effect the day trade rule?

Tyler Lybarger says:

Would it be a good although uncommon thing to have both the collateral and min credit be the same?

Jay Lewis says:

Should i just let these expire? How do i know i got the credit? Does it look like credit spreads at the end

DSFruits says:

Robinhood has removed the ability to set up an iron fly.

Lucas Swayne says:

We're all positive on bitcoin going up, you can make proper use of this volatility by investing with Michael Owens, he is a bitcoin trading professional and could make you lots of profit in days. I have traded with him and fully confident of his skills.

Joe Church says:

Thats not the way an Iron Butterfly works.. an Iron Butterfly is designed to take advantage of a move in either direction and increasein volatility. you should be buying Iron Butterflies for a net debit.. if you want to take advantage of low volatility and receive a credit you should be using an Iron condor.

Wayne says:

This strategy only works if the stock closes ATM or near ATM on expiration day

Bill Betz says:

When I try to sell /put it says I need to deposit $26,000 buying power …

Bill Betz says:

When I try to enter sell/call it says I need 100 shares of QQQ collateral

E E says:

Are you letting these go to expiration or closing them all out before?

Billy Recinos says:

I did this and waited til expiration and now it says I am -64,770 on my buying power. Is that normal ?

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