BEST Option Trading Strategies for Budget 2021!

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Some Options Trading Strategies you could follow for Budget 2021.

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Koushik Kumar says:

Hometour plz

Ramakrishnan karupasamy says:

Rules 1
Hold it if you have good share.
Rules 2
Having more money waiting to invest , then if market falls 600 to 800 points in between 10amto 12noon .buy good share
Rules 3
If points in raising trends
You predict as good margins by 150% then sell, otherwise keep quiet 🤫
Enjoy youtubers discussion regarding their justification on their predictions .
Rule 4
If beginners have less money, invest in small penny stocks and wait for minimum 3months .

jugal.magan jugalmagan08 says:

Sir thanks for strategies. Can I take ratio strategies in both put and call

Namma Kannadadalli says:

Budget is very best time interday

dipak prajapati says:

holiday strategy is very good because of market is still to continue for long time so fallowing s first first stategy of sir Jan he to jahan he

kousik harish says:

-3.26% happened because jan 31 2020 was the first indian covid positive was found at kerala

omkar says:

Wrong.. the data you presented shows only opening and closing change not the wole day movement the market is always very volatile on the budget day it atlease moves in between 2-3% and 2019 union budget was presented on 5 july 2019 on 1st feb it was interim union budget even if the market stays calm on the budget day it make big move on the next day and it has always happend open the history charts and see for yourself

atanu parua says:

Which software is used for seeing the Break-even point & profit loss for those strategy??

Rishabh jain says:

Everything depends on budget speech nobody knows how much market falls or rise.

Srinivasan Kannan says:

butterfly back spread all this crap will get royally f****. If one is bearish, given FII are selling and that now results season is almost over, sell March call 4% to 5% away with protection and go to sleep. Vice Versa if you are bearish You are complicating everything to show -off.

Sree Pai says:

Sir, all the discussion on profits is based on expiry day. But I'm sure most of us were looking only for Intraday strategy and not positional. Not clear on intra trades to be taken.

Raveendra. Y.R says:

Excellent Strategies Sir 👍 Keep Rocking 👍 Very useful. Thanks for your valuable time for making this 👍

PBR 1234 says:

Very nicely explained , thanks

Sameer Patki says:

Sir first thing as you said earlier that we cannot just rely on the previous budget day volatility readings and second thing is in my opinion there will be a definite big move in bank nifty because the markets have become so much volatile in the month of January without any much of big events except trump election and if there is definite big event then there has to be a big move in banking sector. (I have the right of being wrong here.) thank you

Mani Kandan says:

Aaniye pudunga venam

Pathi Siva says:

So if market may not move much..then why not use short straddle?🙄

Pathi Siva says:

So if market may not move much..then why not use short straddle?🙄

Suhas Hegde says:

This is teaching straight from the heart. Happy to be your student.

Sashidhar Reddy says:

i came here for hieee

dip rana says:

Best content today…

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