Best Stock Broker 2019 – Here's what you need to know…

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When you’re trading, you need a broker! But who’s the best stock broker?
What’s the best stock brokerage for beginners?
How do you find the right stock broker?
In this video, Markus evaluates 6 different brokers using the following criteria:
– Commissions for stocks
– Commissions for options
– Quality of trading platform
– Quality of customer support
– Minimum account requirements


Markus Heitkoetter
Rockwell Trading Services LLC
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Known for being able to teach anyone to trade in 60 minutes or less, Markus Heitkoetter with Rockwell Trading has taught over 360,000 traders worldwide and has appeared on CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC and more. Markus is on a mission to prove how simple trading really is so that you too can travel the world and live the lifestyle you always dreamed about.

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LankaExplorer Holidays - Sri Lanka Tourism says:

Can you say anything bout ? my mail thanks for your time

James Epler says:

Cool channel Marcus… Looking forward to my first trade…

SubKom says:

when you buy stocks with interactive brokers you become a shareholder or you enter into a derivative contracts where they are the real shareholders.

Kira Black says:

M1 finance best plat form

AS1313 says:

You don't need a stock broker per say. I can trade over the phone without advice from a broker. I can execute a trade with a robot phone call in 3 minutes or so cheaper than 30 bucks The broker rides the train to his office to give people advice who drive Mercedes Do your own research and you don't need them. If you deal with an advice broker ask to see his personal portfolio. He will choke on that

E D Fernandez says:

you can call TD Ameritrade and negotiate your commission down to very small amount. It's only 6.95 to newbies. You would have found that out with a quick search right here on YouTube.

Rico a says:

You answered all my questions
In one shot very simple
Thank you so very much.

George says:

Hi Markus I noticed you didn’t cover TradeStation. Was there a reason and where on your chart would you place them? I have TradeStation but seriously considering changing because they only support Windows and I have a Mac. Their work around is using the software Parallels but it makes everything a bit unstable. They charge $99/mth but I got a deal some yrs ago and the platform is free for me. Commissions are low but would love to hear your input.

Duckens Mich says:

I gave tumbs down for lying about robinhood, gold account is $5

Camila Rossi says:

What about their inactivity fees?

KingClutch8 W5 says:

Not sure why this is on my home page

Lynn Levy says:

Thank you Markus for all your wonderful videos!

Thomas Mitchell says:

Great info, keep it up ! Tom. (A Canadian)

Peter Beckel says:

you missed tastyworks…. $1/leg to open an option… zero to close max $10 per leg unlimited contracts

Dave Bleyer says:

Good, unbiased breakdown!

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