Best Trading System – Trading the Emini S&P 5/11/2010

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Trading the Emini S&P 5/11/2010 – Watch how I trade my trading system and take 2.5 points out of the market.


Narrindar Singh says:

you are just a fucking idiot …. what trading system you talking about and where is the signal ? Ass Hole …………

professionaltrading says:

name your price to learn

Frits Trader says:

Hey, why can't we dislike this vdo anymore? Tell me mate, you got enough dislikes to give newbies the feeling that those 16 votes (12/4) give an honest review. "Though people are critical about this vdo, the majority likes it". Looks like a "shopper approved review" haha!! Keep on SIM trading mate haha! Watch my vdo and the URL to the website right underneath it.

Frits Trader says:

It's been while since I've seen anyone promoting a du*b a*s strategy like this! Because the strategy is so bad he's probably trading on a SIM account. Just another sc*mmer trying to sell cr*p. Watch my vdo in which I DISCLOSED another SC*MMER in this business. Right underneath the vdo I placed a URL to a site with useful info. No, sorry you can't use your creditcard on that website!

Martha Neil says:

How I make $5,000 a month online trading Binary Options, Visit my channel.

Iftekhar Khan says:

Risk = 3 points * 8 contracts *$50.00 per point = $1200.00 Risk
Maximum Gain = $650.00 Profit
Reward : Risk = 0.54:1

Appreciate you are scaling out / reducing your risk after 4 ticks and target 2, but still is quite risky trading. Guys I think even for day trading you would be looking for at least a 1.5:1 or even more.

markyboy1704 says:

@hicsfx So why don't you stipulate on your videos which are live & which are simuated trades, like this one.
Your video is misleading to anyone not having the Infinity platform. Incidentally, I do not see live trade videos on either of your u tube channels.
Please point out your live trades showing the live Infinity platform or any live platform
Which channel is it as well because your video here states "tradeyourfutures's", yet you also have "hicsfx" as a channel?

markyboy1704 says:

Why are you trading on a simulator?
The trading platform you are showing is Infinity Futures simulator platform.
If your so confident about your trading methods, use your live platform.
Not once have you informed people that you are trading on a simulator platform which bears no resemblance to live trading.

Mike Chatterton says:

My service is UK based (but trades the $SPY so anyone can follow) I'm giving away a free trial and I have a video on how to set up a demo account so for the free trial you can check the trades using a demo account so you don't lose any money and can see that you'll profit. I use methods used by prop traders but instead of needing a big outlay you only need £200 to start. Check out my channel for a video and more information, I'll be happy to answer any questions

binaryoptionspro says:

@chome41 You are right! You really need to be careful with the trading topic! there is just about to much money to be made for the most people to be honest about their results!

Jacinto Reign says:

are you dutch ?

Jo Boxer says:

Do you know how difficult it is to be a proficient trader? These guys are selling something and will take your money and leave you poor.

Afaf Fida says:

@mozyCLS do uyou know a cool trade room?

Hardik Shah says:

so butiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Arche Nova says:

Thanx for your vid but you've got some more studying to do. Your sys is not up to scratch.

ScienceComedy says:

lol you risk so much (3×8 = 24 points) for 13 points? hahaha

This is bullshit mate

Iwan Pieterse says:

Really, 5 minutes! That is cool!

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