Best Tradingview Setup – How To Setup TradingView For The PowerX Strategy by Rockwell Trading

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Best Tradingview Setup for PowerX Strategy.

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In this video, you’ll learn how to set up the popular TradingView App with the indicators and bar coloring that you need in order to trade the PowerX Strategy by Rockwell Trading.

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Mike Kilmartin Sr. says:

I have the Pro version, but the Rockwell bars do not show up in search. Is there a script I need?

DoC Clupper says:

that specific video is a definite KEEPER! Appreciate the hands-on demonstration. Makes me want to learn more from you!

Vladimir Davydov says:

Thanks Markus. Bought your book. Hope to make you proud 😁

destrieyoung says:

The trade view that I have is so different from the one that you are explaining here. It’s very confusing

Steven M. says:

Hi Marcus, I was going to back to a few of your earlier videos in particular "Stock Market Profit Taking Strategy". I am trying to understand how you go about setting your stop loss and profit target with the ATR/ADR. In playing around with the concept, I had taken the ATR on a stock and subtracted it from a possible buy-point, giving me the price of my 1-R (Risk) stop loss. I know that you advocate for every $1 Risked, we should make $2. In order to make the $2, it appears that I need to make 2 times my risk (2R). In the video I mentioned above, you indicated that when you make your $2, you will then sell 1/2 the position and also reduce your risk in 1/2. With the remaining shares, the next best case would be to make it to 3R as an overall Profit Target (or something above the 2R). I have been reading that some traders just take the ATR/ADR * 3 and say that is the Profit Target – is that a correct method? I may have brought confusion into what I am asking about. Is there a possibility that you would be able to do a video showing us how you take a stock from TradingView and a process we should follow to establish the stop loss, a goal for achieving 2x our risk, and how we would determine what the absolute potential Profit Target would be? Thank you Sir for any clarification you can offer on this.

Vinh Quang says:

Great video! Thank you, Marcus!
I can't get PowerX indicator cause it's reached limit. I am not sure what it mean. Please help!

Luis Labrado says:

no indicator rockwell appears to me what can I do

Monjur Karim says:

Hi Markus, great video. But in free version of trading view, you can't add 4th indicator which is powerX

maxjoey sirrock says:

is this work with the day or week

Pablo Barletta says:

What time frame do you recommend for your Strategy for trading the EMINI SP Futures? Great video!!!!

Fatehpal singh Batth says:

Hi Markus, I was unable to find Rockwell trading powerX bar coloring in the search. It does not show anything when I type rockwell. Thanks

Systematic Trader says:

Great video. I use this strategy for about 4 years as my main trend indicator. PowerX strategy actually works on any market, especially on crypto. Thank you, Marcus!

Trevor Sancho says:

Awesome video

Julio Baez says:

Markus let me tell you something, you're the best thanks for the explanation 👍 you explained everything so well. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥 I'm ready to start making money thanks to you

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