Best Way to Trade Penny Stocks: Full-Time or Part-Time?

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Learn to trade part-time at or should you apply at to become a full-time penny stock trader? Subscribe here to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques:

0:10 I get this question all of the time and there is no right answer. You have to do what’s right for you when it comes to trading penny stocks.

2:00 There are so many different options out there when it comes to trading penny stocks. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do in life.

4:00 There is no right answer when it comes to trading, I want you to make the stock market work for you. Do what’s best for your personality.

Link to Tim Bohen part-time trading:

Link to Tim Grittani full-time trading:


Fire Bird says:

Thank you Tim you are a fresh breathe of air .i am looking at doing this part time once i build a good account will be full time and also running off a smart phone tablet and a pc. again thank you i am learning from you

Alem Charitable Society says:

Part time with my phone,I heard it from about penny stocks the first time. Thank you

Hal Knowles says:

Each day!! Thank You Tim I want to apply to the challenge once I save

Hal Knowles says:

I'll be in between I'm not sure which one yet .I've just been studying after I get off at 6 pm and study for 2 hours

John Giannopoulos says:

Partime for now hoping for full down the road

Curtis Krouse says:

Part time….any device. I am going to move to part time employment next year…2019 and that is when I want to start trading part time. I'll work 3 days per week and trade 2. Great teaching Tim….

Anthony Tony says:

Do you need 25,000 in account to be day trader?

Gyalpo Tsering says:

Smart phone part time

Helpful Villagers says:

Part time now as my priorities dictate it at the moment, but would like to be full time eventually.. trading from old Mac book pro.. started studying about 3 months ago and break even on small trades.. need to study more and more and again and again.. thank you Tim Sykes.. you are a true mentor..

Luis Pena says:

part time trader now….once I get certain responsibilities and debts cleared then I'm going to quit my job and transition to your Millionaire challenge

Monty Craig says:

Putting steps in place to control potential pitfalls, is simply being disciplined.

I am just starting to learn. Where can I go to learn the absolute basics, such as:

Finding a broker, and opening an account?
How can I learn the nomenclature of the stock market?
How much do I need to get started?

There are so many people out here on YT hawking their wares, who can I trust?

Thanks Tim.

Ashutosh Bakre says:

For now part time and for lifetime full time

Ebony Hayes says:

First 9 months was break even & now is the best trader….that's determination!

Charles Thomas says:

Thank you Tim Sykes for all your knowledge that you have I want to trade hard time right now I only started with $100 is not a lot but it’s working following your videos it’s really help me out and I trade with a iPad Pro also a I phone seven when I’m at work thank you so much for the free videos that you share

rodrigo angeloni says:

where can I start trading stocks? which website? please help

Blessed Family says:

Just starting Part Time getting ready to buy DVD's and study study study✌💗

Prabin Bhandari says:

Full time beast bro

Karen of Baton Rouge says:

Been studying since Feb…. want to go Full time on my laptop…

Dragon's Lair Fermenters says:

Part to full, laptop & iPhone trading

Its JP says:

This video helped out out a lot I’m only 17 and being able to study from someone who has so much knowledge is a blessing.

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