Big Announcement From Tim Sykes and Paul Scolardi AKA Super man

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We are thrilled to announce our 2015 traders conference. October 3-5 in Last Vegas! Click here to get on the early bird pricing list!


Spliff The Reepa says:

That's too funny. Fuckin Zazzle store haha . good shit dude

John Wayne says:

Registered. Wouldn't miss it. loved last years. This time it's on the strip so less of a hassle getting to nightly attractions. We need to have it in Ft. Lauderdale next year!

xClutchManx15 says:

46 people didn't do there homework b4 they put money in the stock market

Miri C says:

Lose the shades when trying to sell something. Just a thought.

drk9six says:

That was a great video, I how a lot of the principles you were talking about are also in Pennystocking Silver –

Tanner Bowls says:

Tim's facial expressions while Paul is talking are priceless lolol 

Tierre Rankin says:

LMAO, you guys are crazy, BOOM!

David Miszczyk says:

Please record and upload the speakers!

Spliff The Reepa says:

Tim almost exploded

Lex van den Herik says:

Around how much did you make on your first day/week??

Alex “MOVIEREVIEW” Brady says:

ahahah love the beginning

Lupusk9 Entertainment says:

Etsy, zazzle could be someone's pathway to afford your higher end products! OR even to quit their job so they could have time to study your awesome programs. I can't wait to quit my job and start making money from my websites, and apply for the millionaire challenge.

Matthew Sluzele says:

Tim is the best!!

Jason Sluzele says:

U tha shiit (in a good way)

shadfurman says:

Really Tim? Really?! You couldn't hold a straight face for 5 fricken minutes?!! For the art man. 

Blondie Brows says:

look at all the ignorant people disliking such a simple video.

Rehab says:

I was totally confused at the beginning, but love the video!

Pavneet Sidhu says:

Hey Tim! I just passed $50,000 in trading profits using strategies from Pennystocking part deux and how to make millions. Thanks! 

Tony Maxson says:

You guys lol. That's Tim my Professor. Ah love that guy. 

Ray Spahn says:

Tim Sykes is fucking amazing

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