BIG GREEN DAY! | Trading Update 2/15/19 | Trading Stocks For Beginners

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Stas Serfes says:

How was your week? Let me know!!!

jz 5188 says:

Thanks as always!

Fred Fisher says:

I just got some jnj the other day. Hold til ex dividend then swing it

Nathan Chappell says:

Thanks again for putting these together for us. You really are a selfless, straight up dude with real advice. No smoke and mirrors and your comprehensive analysis is invaluable. Anyone who is considering investing in someone to "train" them how to learn to be a good trader, save your money on that crap and subscribe to this channel. Grateful as always Stas!

eugyero says:

Dude (I am 36 and came to US when I was 9), that comment on drug dealers being killed was just a point, as you say, but no need to point that out. And hell yea, President Trump is not against immigration, he is against illegal law braking trash that gets in this country, and I support him and his cause 100%. I came to this country as a child, using legal means because Russia is just a little bit away unlike Mexico. We had to wait (my parents), we had to pay, we had to make sure that there is some one to help us like family members (so chain migration is very real) we had interviews to make sure we are not garbage. And guess what, my parents form being embarrassed to use food coupons they did not use it, they worked, they earned and now we are all well off, from pure hard work. This shit and garbage that comes here illegally is just that. Cant believe you got into politics dude, i liked your channel. Don't even waste your time responding. Welcome to freedom of speech and truth.

Mario Treviño Villegas says:

Thank you Stas for these videos. It was a great week I've been learning a lot from them, Thanks man!

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