Big Market Crash Coming, Will Biden Challenge Clinton, Dems for Iran Nuke Deal

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They say the market crash is a buying opportunity. They say it’s a correction and nothing more. My sources say none of that is true, that this is just the warm-up act of a much bigger downturn in the stock market. Gregory Mannarino of, who called the top in this market more than 2,000 points ago, says market crashes are not a one and done event but a process. He says the 2008 meltdown started in September and didn’t finish until March of 2009. It only ended with massive QE and money printing and suspension of accounting rules by FASB. Fast forward to today, and we have reports of China selling U.S. debt (Treasuries) because China’s markets are in turmoil. In simple terms, they need the cash to try to stabilize their markets.

Hillary Clinton now says she “made a bad choice” for having her own private server doing government email at the State Department. That is an interesting description, “made a bad choice.” I guess you can say fraudster Bernie Madoff “made a bad choice.” I guess you could say David Petraeus, former head of the CIA, “made a bad choice.” He pled guilty to a felony charge on how he mishandled documents. He did not put national security at risk. It is alleged that Clinton broke the law and jeopardized national security by her use of a private server.

The White House is pushing hard for votes in the Iran Nuke deal. Obama is picking up Senate votes from Democrats, even though the deal allows Iran to inspect its own military facilities. The deal is a sham, but that hasn’t stopped 28 Democratic Senators who have come out in favor of the deal. Obama needs 34 yes votes from Democrats in the Senate, and it is still too close to call if Congress will be able to override a Presidential veto.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


Kevin Turk says:

looks like another up year for stocks

Dave Lane says:

and iran just found another huge uranium deposit.. nukes by christmas… thanks obama…

ctwatcher says:

Biden ran for about 4 seconds on TV box…priceless. Guess he was showing people he can run! LOL Joe! Go home and retire, grieve for your son.

moonflower says:

The best talk I have listened to. One day this report will be used as material in schools.
God is all that the people have left. The real God does not cut heads off and enslave women.

Clif Kelley says:

good news. addios jabber jaw politicians

Glenda Boyd says:

GREAT SHOW! Just found you, will be watching closely…thanks for the TRUTH!

roylikesitlikethat says:

Its sunday pacific time 1 pm , Asia markets will open in 7 hours.
Its going to be a bloodbath again, rumour has it that China still is inline with devaluing the yuan.
In a slowing world economy, governments desperate for revenues will resort to currency devaluation. Domino effect for days to come. Even the bright minds cant make out what an economy like China intends to do.
Some economists who issued warnings have the idea but their call has been fallen on deaf ears.

Marty Kirschner says:

I agree with Greg regarding everything except Iran. Just like the US's nuclear capabilities have to be balanced by Russia and China, despite all of the evil propaganda, Israel's nuclear capabilities need to be balanced by Iran. Despite all of the rhetoric, I don't think Iran will start a nuclear war with Israel, but Iran wants the world to know, just like south korea that they are a force to be reckoned with. It may not make the world a better place to live, but countries will think twice before making stupid moves. Why doesn't Israel talk about getting rid of their nuclear weapon? Or the US? or any of the western countries? Do you think the US would be so fast to slap sanctions on countries, starving their people out, if they knew they had the capability to destroy our allies? I don't think so. Balance is important. Whether it be balance for having nuclear weapons, or balance for not having them. I personally think Iran has more to fear of Israel than Israel has to fear of Iran….nobody is going to make stupid moves, if they know that their enemy has the same capability that they have

Steve S says:

Last week to get your money out of the market before the collapse. When the banks are closed down the only money you will have is what you have at home. Get it now!

Lou G says:

One problem with your analysis, hyper inflation dramatically increases stock prices.

Glenn Jobs (Glenn Jobs-Page) says:

California is not dry state as Hunter dictates

Mr. Sir says:

Trump would kill her in a debate, he speaks things that make some sense and shows he at least talks like a truthful person should, i hope he's a genuine leader but no matter he'll be better and actually competent for his actions which hillary is definitely not. I still see obama bumber stickers on cars and it makes me laugh that persons an uneducated moron, just because you can make good grades in school doesn't mean you're educated in other fields that include thinking outside the box, doctors have become that way today.

MrBangers111 says:

Huge market correction interest rate and USD index spike and new highs in the market and new lows in PMs

Wise Student says:

I've heard this crash forecast for about two years now….

DrChocolateSK8 says:

Is this guy saying geoengineering is causing the drought? Like chemtrails?

DrChocolateSK8 says:

You havent read the Iran deal have u greg?



Ken Oconnell says:

treason on high

Jani Rico says:

Greg, i respect most of your views, but your view on Iran and Israel is completely lopsided! you are soooooo bias towards Israel, It bombs the crap out of anyone they want! here's a small secret…..the reason Israel is always looking to start a war is because it does not want any eyes on what it is doing to the people of Gaza and Palestine. how comes the american, Europeans, Israelis, Pakistanis and anyone else can get a a nuke or develop one without any oversight????? double standard even in the alternative news media! Palestinians are prisoners in their own land and homes. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!…..and no, I'm not a Muslim nor am I against Jewish people, I love all people from all faiths and all countries of the world………….

James Hanley says:

I want to know why we can't have news reporting like this on the mainstream media? I know stupid question!!!

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