Biggest bubble in history: What you need to know about bitcoin

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Virtual currency bitcoin has officially become the largest bubble in history, eclipsing the notorious “Tulip Mania,” the speculative bubble that shook the Dutch economy before it collapsed in 1637. Learn all you need to know about bitcoin.

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Marc Duchamp says:

Is it a coincidence that the ram up of this cryptomoney is happening right before the big boy future market is coming in? This is the house money coming in for the kill. Beware of the money interjected in at the interval for the suckers to get suckered in. Keep a level cool head and do some research on who owned this technology mostly ex Wall Street figure heads

Hemant D. says:

All this is bankers & financial institution CRAP as they are started realising as if they are left out… Bitcoin is peoples money… Built for masses and not just for this wealthiest fund managers.. who are trying their Best to bring down the price so they can Amicably enter and control it.

Vincent c says:

Yeah remind me again when tulips were a solution to the Byzantine Generals' Problem?

Capra Bianca says:


Blinking Light Productions says:

Crypto IS the future! Anyone missing out now is going to be sorely disappointed. If you're looking for an exchange checkout Binance. Secure, establish and with incredibly low fees. I used this link and got 50% off trading fees:

Andy Coins says:

This is no bubble, this is a Better financial system, just like facebook was better than myspace, when something is better and more efficient its inevetable and digital money is better and more fair for everyone and will help people all around the world, and with crypto you accualy own your money, so people just buy now. This is just starting 2017 is when Crypto was introdocued to society and will take over the next 20 years. Its inevetable no one will use paper money in the future, it has to be digital, simply because to many people in the world and right now there are 4 bilion people without banks accounts, Bitcoin fixes that because all you need is a phone. Trust me, buy now, dont be naive.

Leo Dei says:

Just another way market makers scheme to fleece the ignorant. Inflation and deflation must be too slow these days, so we have this. Bitcoin is backed by?….crickets…tulips…

King Curry says:

John Peel once (rather harshly) described Emerson, Lake and Palmer's performance at the Isle of Wight Festival as "a waste of electricity".

Bitcoin is that. It uses astonishing amounts of electricity in mining, which exacerbates Global Warming, has absolutely no supporting hard assets to justify its "value", and is a bubble based on greed and gullibility.

Any professional Economist (and my two closest friends are both highly respected professors in that subject) will tell you that it is eventually going to collapse, as it's an unsustainable model. Just hope that you're not the only holding it when it goes.

LVC85costa says:

they scrapped the principle and kept the tech.

Alex Garcia says:

It looks like RT needs to catch up and study this before opening their mouthes and blaberring about this matter…
"Block Chains" and "Peer to Peer" are not to be put down if you do not know what they really are.

Alex Garcia says:

Of course the "Cartels of Circumcised Vampire Bankers", would say anything to stop their biggest enemy ???
So, do not invest if you can't loose that money, just like all in life… YES !!! I did invest !!! And if it goes down. I'll buy even more of them BTC…
This r3Volution leaded by "Cryptocurrencies" are taking away the MONOPOLY on the Jewish_Fiat_Kosher_Petro_Dollar and the Jew's World Order on the Planet, and (((they))) DO NOT LIKE IT A BIT !!!
The Era of Cybernetics and Digital Currency is Afoot !!!
They just want their Digital Currencies, (like the FIAT FAKE DIGITAL DOLLAR) to be a JEW'S ONLY MONOPOLY LEECHING ALL GOYIM IN THE WORLD !!!

Unholy Aura says:

See you at 100k

Joe Biden says:

People need a hard morning slap to the face. If bitcoin was a threat to the central bank, You would of never heard of it!.

Tony Randall says:

The powers that be in a few (million) ones and zeroes.. Someone is scared

Sleepy Bear says:

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Crypto Neon Nerd says:

Look if your invested in bitcoin and want to earn compound interest 1% daily have your bitcoin constantly working for you. It’s mad working like wtf.. lol

zak Latif says:

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John Johnson says:

What is sold to people as an idea o decentralisation of financial systems is just another huge scam by the rich elites.

The first question you need to ask yourself is WHY would the rich elites want to decentralization the main source of power which has kept them at the top of the world for centuries? Correct, they WOULDN’T. Meaning, they AREN’T. Meaning, anything that seems like decentralization is NOT. ********** The United States is already unique in the world (and totally ridiculous) as the money is owned, printed and distributed by a non-governmentally led institution (the Federal Reserve System) which the Congress has no control over (the Fed’s Chairman regularly testifies in front of the Senate and the House of Representatives to answer certain questions, but these are simply questions, the Congress has no power to veto any of the Fed’s decisions or impeach anyone from the Fed for their actions.) It is the only central bank in the world not owned by its own government. A great plan by the elite that came to fruition in 1913 and has been keeping Americans and all others around the world (pretty much 97% of the world’s population) poor for the last 104 years. ********** The Board (elite) is named/chosen by the President (elite) and they have no accountability, they don’t have to explain their decisions or actions to anyone, they simply do as they please. The Fed makes a profit (not revenue – PROFIT) over $100 billion PER YEAR. To put this into perspective: Only one company in the world (Apple) has an annual profit of $50 to $60 billion; Only one company in the world (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) has an annual profit of $40 to $50 billion; Only one company in the world (China Construction Bank) has an annual profit of $30 to $40 billion. ********** Got that? The Fed, which produces nothing of real value and simply prints banknotes and mints coins, and provides no services to the people, makes TWICE as much money in profits than the most successful company in the world EVERY SINGLE YEAR. ********** Then they keep 4% ($4 billion each year) for themselves and give96% to the US Treasury. Remember this, we’ll come to it soon. On the surface, you’d think ‘well, if most of the money goes to the government, that can’t be so bad, can it?’ Wrong again. ********** Now, clearly, you must be wondering what an Earth does an organization like this do to get such huge profits every year. A fair question. Got a chair/seat in your vicinity? I’d suggest you sit down for this one (if you aren’t already). The Fed's mandate is to ‘promote sustainable growth, high levels of employment, stability of prices to help preserve the purchasing power of the dollar and moderate long-term interest rates’. ********** Confused? Here it is n simple terms: It has to make sure the U.S. has a sound banking system and a healthy economy. A sound banking system. Right. Very sound. It just happened to COLLAPSE a decade ago, right under the Fed’s noses (actually, it happened with the Fed’s complicity). And took enormous government bailouts (your tax money) to give itself another boost (hey, why not?). If you work somewhere (at any level below the position of a CEO) and mess something up really badly, you will likely pay for your inability to perform up to standards by getting fired. The Fed, responsible for the LARGEST economic collapse in the HISTORY OF MANKIND suffered zero repercussions for this. ZERO, got that? Second, a healthy US economy? That one that has been struggling for most of the last 60 years? Yes, that one. ********** So, it is obvious this is an incompetent organization (by any standard) that makes the highest profit in the world every single year and produces NOTHING that can be sold, and provides NO services to the public. The only logical question one should possibly have at this point is – where the hell does all this money come from? Here it is. It comes from ‘open market operations’. A vague term that means that the money comes from: ********** A) Interest on the Fed's portfolio of Treasury securities as well as the money that comes from buying and selling of securities and their derivatives (in other words, it’s a closed circuit of power where the Fed and the Treasury support each other’s existence in perpetuity, without any REAL economic value (if you’ve seen ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, you already know what fugazi is… feather dust… it doesn’t exist, it’s imaginary). ********** B) From sales of financial services like check and electronic payment processing and discount loans to banks (again, another closed circuit in which banks who lack actual (physical money) and the Fed support each other in another fugazi parallel world, in perpetuity, of course). Never forget that banks nowadays invest all of their money (your money) into all kinds of schemes, so they are actually very low on actual cash (physical money) most of the time. But hey, it’s all just numbers in computers in this digital age, so unless there’s a bank run nobody even notices this. ********** C) From interest on foreign deposits within the Federal Banking system (ripping poor countries off as they take loans from the Fed and are never able to pay back even the mounting interest, much less the money they had originally borrowed, keeping most countries enslaved in perpetuity) ********** The Treasury employs 16,000 people who make sure it stays in this lucrative nonsensical business forever and ever. The IRS employs 100,000 people and makes sure that small individuals pay up or go to jail, while large corporations (many of which are complicit in many of government’s wrongdoings get all sort of tax breaks and minor penalties for any offshore money hiding). ********** Okay, you’ve got the background now. A non-existing system that produces nothing and gets all the money from others. And banks whose only goal is to take away from you anything you may have left after you’ve paid your income tax, property tax, VAT, and all other taxes you can possibly think of – by the way, VAT was another brilliant invention by the elites, first they tax us on our income, and then on the money you are using (which has already been taxed from income) they tax you again as you spend it). Pretty perfect, huh? Yeah, you’re right. But even that’s not enough for the elite. So this is what they are now trying to do to you, as they go for the total control. ********** First, we moved away from the gold standard (in 1976, the year the total takeover plan by the elites was put in motion). This was done unofficially and without much pomp. That has reduced actual value of money around the world, and also made many financial comparison tables (comparing countries on this or that financial or living standard) worthless, as so many governments around the globe nowadays simple print new money whenever they needed it (US, China, Russia, UK, etc., they all do it, as there are no independent agencies/organizations that could possibly prevent that). In this regard, the US on par with North Korea and the dictatorship of financial elites in the US is quite similar to the dictatorship of political elites in North Korea. ********** You are now getting it, aren’t you? In the digital age of digital accounts, and numbers being sent from one system to another (which we call ‘biweekly paycheck from the company to the employee’, ‘tax payments to the IRS by individuals and corporations’ or any other form of payment) there is almost no real (physical) money involved. First, they got rid of the heavy gold, now they are getting rid of wallet-cluttering cash (‘oh, cash is such an inconvenience’ is the brainwashing slogan they’ve been pushing onto people for at least 30 years now), and the next step is to take away your credit cards, you know, because they take sooo much space in your wallet and are sooo inconvenient (funny, how the thing they’ve been selling to you as ‘the most convenient ever’ is now branded ‘extremely incovenient’… and let’s not forget how they changed the signature on credit card receipts into a system of four-digit pins, again claiming they were saving you from inconvenience, even though it is in fact faster to sign a credit card receipt (2 seconds) than it is for the bank to approve your payment through a POS terminal (5 to 6 seconds) and even though signatures are very difficult to forge while PIN numbers are quite easy to steal). ********** Now, they will get you to get used by paying with your phone. Then, they’ll say that’s inconvenient, and they will implant chips into everyone, saying that’s ‘the most convenient ever’. They are already doing that, by the way (on voluntary basis). And then all of your info, meaning all of your bank accounts, history of any loan/mortgage you’ve ever taken, all personal records regarding marriage, work, health, etc. will all be in one single database). And you can already guess the next step, can’t you? Deletion. Anyone who is deemed potentially ‘dangerous’ to the elites (meaning anyone with half a brain) will ‘accidentally’ get deleted from the system. Your chip will stop working and you will cease to exist. All you will have is your body. But your identity will be gone, your money will be gone, your personal history will be gone, your remote-control keys to your own place of dwelling will no longer work, and so on and on and on. You will be deleted and you will become a non-person. This is already happening to an extent in certain countries, especially China which basically wipes and record of all those who have received the death penalty (at least 25,000 people per year, possibly more) and harvests their organs minutes after they are shot dead.

mosako 9990 says:

bitcoin goin grand mother tech

the winner






408Magenta says:

Bitcoin will be played by Wall Street and the ordinary slob will lose it all.

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