Biggest Market Crash Ever Is Coming In 2016

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Alex talks with investor, businessman, financial literacy activist, financial commentator, and radio personality Robert Kiyosaki about gold, silver and currency collapse.
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Rob K says:

alot of the smartest people are saying 2015-2017

TheTruthQuest123 says:

Alex will be fine with his millions of dollars and his foreign mansions.. you tea tards are gonna be the ones that suffer

mkmason2002 says:

I love this guy, he cares about Americans.

CaribSurfKing1 says:

Bad things will happen in the future, be scared, in the mean time send me some money so I can keep saying it and live in a huge house while you buy canned food for your bunker ( which if you bought Gold and Silver in the last 5 years is where you now live )

DIsmayedConfuse says:

Idiots.  They don't understand money.  The biggest risk now is deflation!

david shaw says:

alex joes has a big mouth because he feels he has to shout things out for most dumbos to even flinch at common sense or he could say fck tou all which he dosnt,which is why i like the bloke.Thumbs up to alex jones and robert kiyosaki for trying to offer some advice even if they are not perfect.

david shaw says:

This rich guy has nothing to gain by lying he realises what any person can see which is like musical chairs.The music will end and paper will be the paper thats in the game which wont even come close to the presents,He is trying to say what people are not prepared to listen to until the music stops and people will say holy shit i didnt know this was a game until its to late.people are realy dumb is just paper and people think gold and silver are worthless in comparisont to money in this fiat world.I asked my bank which is the yorkshire bank in the uk, can i buy some gold and silver from you and they replyed we we are not a jewellers, so i said then why do all the central banks hold gold then, too which i got no reply lol.the system really trying to keep us believe that paper money is all you need,they are depending on you to beliene this.

Ron Moskowitz says:

The people who believe this system is sustainable, i would like to hear their argument.  If your only argument is these guys cant predict the correct year of collapse, then you are not very educated. A collapse in the dollar is the most obvious prediction ever made. Knowing the exact day is not as obvious.

99francesco says:

So many retards on here saying that they predict a crash every year and it doesnt happen so they dont believe it lol. I wonder what these guys were doing in 2008. Whether you believe it or not, it will happen before 2020. If any morons here actually understand how the economy works then they would know. But no one understands the economic machine

BOB FRYE says:

3-4 weeks with no food,
cannabalism sets in.

Progmanmike says:

Network Marketing is the jobs of the future, we will be slave to the pyramid

Jon Focker says:

why are these so short and teasing?

Mike Castellano says:

Every fucking year he says we will  collapse and his guests.try to be accurate for once and not a fear monger.william cooper was right.

BassGoesBoom1 says:

2016 now? last week it was 2015.

Drew Grow says:

I will believe that is what they believe when they show us they sold all their stocks for gold bouillon 

Yoel Silver says:

So we could just keep faith and boom crisis averted. 

tryskel golic says:

alex you should look more into the palestinian crash(it's gonna look more like that)
day 1-everybody who hated they gouverment job left,and some out of the contry
3 month- the last cop(and good one too) quit
6-9 month-most gouverment agency quit
1.5 to 3 years after all gouverment is gone and everybody is stuck on is own
and having only back up of good freind
(nobody will come to save you)

Wes Ferguson says:

Seriously WTF….every year its the next year then the next then the next…Heres something thats gonna happen next year and its big and people wont like it…IM GONNA TAKE A HUGE SHIT NEXT YEAR… thats the truth

EnhancedCrash says:

Didn't somebody say biggest crash in 2015 back in 2013? huh… doom and gloom and then when nothing happens they push it back another year… lol

LizardmanExposed says:

Pope is the false prophet from the book of revelation.

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