Biggest market crash in my lifetime coming: Jim Rogers

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Rogers Holdings Chairman Jim Rogers on the state of the markets and the future of blockchain.


Ez Milone says:

Please get a life bro

Joe Lambeer says:

Bitcoin is the future bro.

centpushups says:

If it does buy UVXY and you will be fine.

deadright 68 says:

With Trumps bankruptcy history its no wonder! Go con man Trump!

Stan M says:

Who cares Stock Market has become a gambling game,,,,,for the rich Still can sell a hot dog for 300% ROI

betterdays when says:

Everyone knows the crash is coming because greedy crooked morons run the world. The only question is, are you ready for it?

Seth Albert says:

Never trust a man in a bow tie.

William Roach says:

Hey old man we see thur your shit debt is bullshit and you know it. Trump can say the truth and lock the Rothschild bankers up for there crimes against humanity and squish the bullshit debt. Control is what this old man is pushing. Billions of dollars and it's not enought got to keep on making damage

Jim Gao says:

For someone who appears to be financially savvy, Jim Roger is profoundly ignorant of the concepts of both blockchain and money.

Hubba Bubba says:

Fkn spanky needs to go to prison NOW!!!! He's destroying our country and dogs everyone, he's a foreign agent. …

nwtx8004 says:

Jim “I barely understand computers” Rogers! I’m dumber for having listened to him 😂

R. Ann Rousseau says:

We love Jim Rodgers.

ustedeslosricos ! says:

Who cares i dont invest in wall strret. lucky for me im rich bitch. Take ur money and leave. Wall Street will take no prisoners.

YIN YANG says:

What kind of lunatic click-bait is this….what a nincumpoop

The wolf says:

Yup as soon as they Quit playing with the numbers and printing .

David Lindsey says:

Jim is a sorro's [puppet they at going to make billions crashing the u.s dollar

Cris Yorke says:

Jim is a Soros guy. Enough said

W H says:

Gloom and doom, Gloom and doom…………

Charles DeLorenzo says:

Trying to start a selloff, and primed to take advantage of it.

B M says:

Then they zoomed out to add the stock market nightmare… (Government was picking winners and losers example; Green Energy, giving GM to the Unions, saving admin friendly banks, on and on)… of the Obozo Lost Decade……and everyone calmed down realizing people would now be treated as fair as an open market can be….the end

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