Biggest Market Crash Of Our Lifetime Is Coming – 2019 Stock Market CRASH

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Report Date: February 2019

The very mention of the term, stock market crash can be rather intimidating.You are reminded of panicked sellers, huge losses, and a sense of gloom across the trading floors.Almost inevitably, being stuck in a stock market crash remains every investor’s worst nightmare.You undertake series of precautionary measures to safeguard against a potential crash.But it is not the market crash alone that you need to take into consideration.You have to take into account the various economic ramifications before and after a crash and its bigger impact on the overall development process.

So how would you define stock market crash?

In very simple terms, the stock market crash definition would be any sudden and drastic fall in stock prices across a major cross section of the stock market.

Invariably, you would notice that a crash in the market is driven by several factors like panic, economic aspects and many other related factors.

1. Correction or Crash
2. Stretched Valuation
3. Rapid Fall in Prices within a Very Short Time
4. Stock Market Crash of 1929 as an Example

What Causes Stock Market Crash
1. Panic Selling:
2. Quantitative Trading:
3. Economic Policy:
4. Political News:
5. Geo-Political Development:

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Warren Buffett says:

Still slanging those worthless coins

enlightened says:

"green hat..whats that secret you're keepin'"

Scorpion King says:

JFK said this country would be great. No wonder he was my favorite president.

Gary Chandler says:


Ethan Dao says:

Your logo looks Illuminati ish…. better rebrand…lol…reallly need the all seeing eye? come on…

JEB says:

This is Hogwash!!

strattuner says:

this is all you have to know of the sinister sobs,they took us off the gold standard and  2 years later there was gas lines at the gas stations,it was all planned and I lived it,my money would buy anything pre1971,my banker loaned me  money on a handshake and no fico score around my neck,i'm waiting patiently for the crash back to normal,printed ink stained paper is nothing,dead presidents are all over fallen currencies,wake the hell up

Wolfgang Sprenger says:

Financial Argument is so sympathetic by giving us hope that everything can finally be solved peacefully. That is so important for The United States of America and even more vital for my country Germany which could otherwise be transformed into an "integrated battlefield". Thank you Financial Argument !

Eric Mc says:

You want to talk conspiracy, how about Trump conspiring against the American people. He's holding interest rate hostage probably lowering them to under zero so that real estate is unaffordable for the average American and that the average American hostel rent from the one percenters. Working everyday the barely make a living and giving money away to a landlord

migtora says:

you meant new high?

Wolfgang Sprenger says:

Trump is okay. There have been worse présidents. Hé knows what Hé is doing. We Europeans love him because Hé doesn't like wars.

Damjanhd says:

Venezuela is under USA attack, they want Venezuelan oil and gold! Trump is deep state puppet and want to destroy Venezuela!

Dennis Swanson says:

Yup Trump and the boyz have their eye on the gold not just the oil; The army will butcher those people in mass to get it.

Goury Gubekochi says:

Q story bro.

Eric Mc says:

Dave & X22, you guys are all out of your minds. You really think Trump wants to bring down the banks he's done nothing but prop the banks open almost forcing them to hold interest rates so that he can gloat about a higher stock market. Who does that help? Not the average American, the one who lives in there means and lives on savings. They're getting crushed why the bankers and the politicians and the one percenters all living gluttony. Trump could give a crap about the average American. I just can't take anymore. What is your game how in the hell can you think Trump cares about the average person

I8XTC Forever says:

Just crash already I’m sick of waiting

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