Bill Fleckenstein – Prepare for The Big Stock Market Crash (2018-2019)

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Daily Voice News – Economic Collapse
Bill Fleckenstein: President of Fleckenstein Capital – Bill is a professional money manager with over 30 years of experience, he also writes a daily Market Rap column for his web site at Fleckenstein Capital. Bill has appeared at one time or another in virtually all financial media including King World News, Bloomberg, CNBC, The New York Times, MSN, Marketwatch, Barron’s and more. He is often quoted in both national and international media. Bill is a highly sought after speaker, successful author of “Greenspan’s Bubbles” and he has written daily commentary on market action since 1996 and FleckensteinCapital, which launched in 2003.


Jessy James says:

The crypto market already had its bubble popped–Bill has been right far less than a broken clock. "Experience" don't mean jack when the Fed has rigged the stock market with derivatives and crony bond-buying agencies. It will crash when the Asian market makers create their own currency–the black swan will fly in from the East.

Andrew Bailey says:

Short term, the usd is going to go up against other fiat currencies. we're going to have a deflationary crash. Long term, the usd is going down, probably owing to the government's need to inflate away the humongous debts.

Mane Sierra says:

Stock Market crash, I too believe it's coming, in the mean time make a fortune trading Options.

William Leather says:

We have heard this story for 8 years. . .

fdoarzola says:

and when Nuclear Fusion gets here, and it will, the world will have a new era and prosperity like never before…

fdoarzola says:

Central Banks are just getting started manipulating the market. Juts BTFD, get rich and live happy…stop thinking that the world will collapse, the only thing that will collapse is your bank account…

fdoarzola says:

KWN has been saying that the market will crash and gold will go up for 10 years..

fdoarzola says:

this guy is a big loser…he has been wrong for 10 years!!!

AMP preston says:

It will not start the real tank turn around until late 2018 after the mid term elections. Watch and wait….those behind the veil have it all planned out.

Ltvn1968 says:

The only one responding to bad news in the markets are The Fed and the plunge protection team etc…….on bad news, they just buy up the stocks. Since the money they use was easily created on a computer, they have no fear of loss. This is financial insanity for the country……but these insiders are raking in the profits created by this fraudulent fiat currency. They buy the dips, use their fiat to drive up the price, sell the highs etc and etc.thereby funneling the profits into the pockets of themselves and their insider buddies.

Ltvn1968 says:

So many analyses are based on free markets. As long as the Central Banks can print $ trillions, there are no free markets. Only manipulated markets…and they are manipulated only to benefit the insiders. The average citizens are nothing but cattle in the fields which they feed upon. Excellent interview. Thanks.

Dennis Lundberg says:

Well Charles, if bankers can print and the world survive… then why is Zimbabwe the poorest nation in the world.?

Jeff Smith says:

I like Bill and respect his opinions. One question I'd like to have asked of him is the recent plunge in the Chinese stock markets and at what point do they start to actually retaliate against the U.S. trade war to cause a significant plunge in our stock markets. They, in my opinion, hold the real leverage, so where's the line in the sand that will cause them to dump U.S. Treasuries, and propel our markets into a corresponding 20% plunge to match theirs. I know they're trying to come across as reactive to our aggression, but at some point they're going to want us to experience the same degree of suffering as them. When's that going to happen?

marco mac says:

Crisisi are ciclical they must happen is not a exceptional event
it must happen…..
So funny people dont know this basics of economi and live…
All that goes up must come down.
Or you can not grow for ever.

Gold Banking Specialist says:

Check out our channel and if you like what you see and hear then let's connect!

ELFYHO says:

I am waiting for crash till Amazon price from 1000 to 1800 now says:

Bitcoin is holding up Market they are buying the bonds that the other Market is selling up every Market will be going up for the next 6 months you got to be blind and not see them

Đăng Khoa Đinh Trần says:

who want sell index now

Philip Leach says:

Typical gold bugs bagging crypto. Why go there it’s a tiny speculative market that wouldn’t matter to the market if it disappeared tomorrow. OR are you worried about cryptos stealing your thunder. Only time will tell .

first name last name says:

I predict the stock market will crash everyday until I'm right. Then when it does I can say, see? I told you so.

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